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Chick-fil-A VP: Here are five hallmarks of outstanding hospitality

FOX News

An exhausted mother pulled in to the parking lot at a local restaurant. She loved visiting this restaurant because the people working there knew her name, her kids' names and their orders.

Canadian Hospitality Company to Buy Alaska Ski Resort

U.S. News

The resort and related property appraised at $45.8 million this year for tax purposes, according to the Anchorage Property Appraisal Division.

Oregon Cuts 3,800 Jobs in September; Hospitality Hit Hard

U.S. News

"Although some people were out of work because of the forest fires, I don't think enough people were out of work long enough," he said. "So, basically, if someone was out of work early in September because of the fires -- but they ended up going back to work in September -- they'd still be counted as having a job in these figures."

In Hospitality Industry, Sexual Misconduct Often Part of Job

U.S. News

Attorneys, experts and the workers themselves say that verbal and physical sexual abuse is widespread in the hospitality industry. They say women who speak up often have their pleas ignored or they face retaliation from bosses who want them to quit.

Covid in Scotland: Hospitality curbs extended for another week

BBC News

"In common with other devolved administrations and many councils in England we will continue to pursue urgent discussions with the Treasury about provision of adequate support to help businesses and individuals through the restrictions likely to be necessary in the time ahead."