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Man Charged After Church Arson in Seattle's Rainier Valley

U.S. News

He is accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at Iglesia Ni Cristo in the city's Rainier Valley neighborhood during an evening church service Oct. 18. Authorities say more than 200 people were inside at the time.

Iowa Church Renovated Into Event Center

U.S. News

But this year, the building's party potential was upgraded when Myhre and Stoll decided to purchase the building from Heritage Trust and open Regal On The Hill, The Hawk Eye reported . Design ideas and hard work slowly reconfigured the old church and when Myhre and Stoll celebrated their grand opening there was little in the building that would echo the building's ecclesiastical roots.

Your Questions About "Silicon Valley's Quest to Live Forever," Answered

The New Yorker

Earlier this month, The New Yorker published "Silicon Valley's Quest to Live Forever," which explored the tech industry's obsession with solving death. On Facebook and Twitter, we asked readers to submit questions they had after reading the article. Do you think wealth will determine access to super-long lifespans? Poor people usually have more immediate concerns than worrying about where to get the best, most invigorating fractionated blood plasma. But wealth also determined access to the first personal computers (fifty-five thousand dollars in 1948), the first cell phones (thirty-nine hundred and ninety-five dollars in 1993) and the first Teslas (a hundred and nine thousand dollars in 2008).

Silicon Valley Churches Pose As Marijuana Dispensaries To Sell Tax-Free Weed

International Business Times

Several California law enforcement and district attorney's offices are cracking down on churches posing as dispensaries to sell marijuana products.

Honda chooses Tokyo over Silicon Valley for AI research center


According to Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, who heads up the automaker's research division, the move is expected to happen next year. Matsumoto said in an interview that it is hoped bringing the teams together will allow closer co-operation between Honda's scientists and engineers, leading to new AI-enabled products being made available to the public. AI is crucial in the development of autonomous cars, Matsumoto said, acting as the brain that combines elements of robotics, sensing, navigation, and connectivity. Japan has a strong track record developing new hardware, but has arguably lagged behind in software. Matsumoto feels basing its efforts in Japan will allow Honda to progress quicker.