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Technologies To Warn The Public About Danger Are Helpful, But Not Perfect Yet

NPR Technology

When Paradise, Calif., burned in 2018, some people died for lack of timely notice of imminent danger. Apps and systems to warn the public have advanced since, but they're still not perfect.

New Mexico Forester Issues Restrictions Due to Fire Danger

U.S. News

New Mexico's state forester is imposing restrictions on fireworks, campfires, smoking and open fires on all non-municipal, non-federal and non-tribal lands statewide because of the escalating fire danger.

Should a Judge Rely on the Law or His Own Common Sense?


As this story illustrates, a district judge doesn't have the luxury to treat every case and every issue with the total attention it might theoretically deserve. District judges' busy dockets demand they get on with the job, and that often requires arriving at a tentative "common sense" solution to the underlying dispute presented by a case before they have had a chance to fully plumb every legal nicety. But there are two dangers in this approach that every district judge, in my experience, is aware of and tries to avoid. The first danger is to prejudge the case at or near the outset, by the judge's saying to himself "Oh, yes, it's one of those'X' kind of cases that I've seen before." A significant percentage of cases that seem at first blush to fit a familiar pattern prove, on reasonable inquiry, to be materially different from the familiar pattern, and a judge must therefore discipline himself not to jump to conclusions before he has heard enough of the evidence and arguments to know what the case is really about.

Building in North Carolina City in Danger of Collapse

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The owner of the first-floor business, Jake Motsinger, says he has not been allowed to retrieve products he's sold online. Motsinger says renovations were expected to start next week, but engineers discovered structural concerns.