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What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Symptoms Of Seasonal Depression And Ways To Cope With It

International Business Times

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is considered to be a form of depression. As the sun sets earlier during daylight saving time, many people start to develop the signs of seasonal affective disorder. Jeff Janata, a professor of psychiatry and the director of psychology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center reportedly said that the symptoms of SAD include irritation, excessive sleeping and loss of interest. Most people with seasonal affective disorder have symptoms that start in the fall and continue into the winter months. The lower levels of sunlight in the winter and fall, particularly in locations farther from the equator, are the main cause of seasonal affective disorder.

Businesses Lure Seasonal Help With Chances for Other Jobs

U.S. News

NewAir, which makes small appliances like wine coolers and ice makers, takes on seasonal help for the summer and the winter holidays. The company's warehouse in Cypress, California, has about 20 employees and hires 10 during the periods when orders from online customers and retailers soar and there's more to pack and ship. During interviews, candidates learn that the company tracks employee productivity on a public scoreboard, and everyone knows the highest performers keep their jobs when the busy season ends.

Wynton Marsalis's Seasonal Confections

The New Yorker

Last month, the distinguished trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and his quintet (with a lift from his daughter) ushered in the Christmas spirit with a swinging recording of "Winter Wonderland." The series arrives on Dec. 19, with dollops of carefree nostalgia and abundant cheer, like all good traditions.

Small Businesses Seeking Seasonal Help Need to Get Creative

U.S. News

Small businesses could follow the lead of Taco Bell, which this summer experimented with three-hour hiring parties at four Indiana restaurants. A total of 80 people attended, and 40 of them were hired. Employees at the stores talked with visitors about working for the company, and people could have interviews on the spot. Bjorn Erland, a Taco Bell vice president, said the company ran the experiment because of the increasing difficulty it and its franchisees have had in finding staffers.

Seasonal storms around the world

Al Jazeera

Every summer - northern hemisphere summer that is - we see the monsoon-driven rain fall around the globe. There is a southwest monsoon in the US, affecting southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. The better-known and far bigger Asian monsoon system affects all countries from Oman through Pakistan to Japan. Annual flooding is expected and often used as a trigger for the agricultural cycle - for example, rice planting in padi fields. There are always areas that have a spell of enhanced rain and worse than usual flooding.