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Maple syrup producers having strong year, thanks to weather

U.S. News

Some maple syrup makers in Vermont, the country's largest producer, are having a banner year despite initial fears that an early start to the maple season this winter would cut it short.

Quebec's maple syrup producers seeking global domination

BBC News

Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes anymore, thanks to a group of maple syrup producers in Quebec who are trying to turn a cottage industry into a global empire. Montreal chef Martin Picard says maple syrup runs through the veins of Quebecers like the sap that flows from the trees each spring in sugar bushes across the countryside. In an annual communal gastronomic ritual, Quebecers flock to sugar shacks - casual restaurants where maple syrup is also produced - to fill their plates with pea soup, meat pie, baked beans and crispy pork rinds, all served with ample amounts of maple syrup. "When we taste the maple syrup we taste all our souvenirs (memories)" says Picard, who opened a sugar shack nine years ago. It remains one of the toughest reservations to get in the region and was voted one of the top 100 restaurants in Canada.

Sticky Situation: Canada Taps Maple Syrup Reserves To Meet Soaring Demand

International Business Times

Strong demand for maple syrup after a poor Canadian harvest has created supply-side woes, but Quebec province is tapping its strategic reserves to keep the world awash in the sweet, sticky stuff. Experts are warning the shortages could be further compounded by climate change, which is already being blamed for last spring's shorter and warmer sugaring season. To avoid shortages, the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers said it has released more than half of its stockpile of syrup. "It's normal, that's what we want: The reserves must be the buffer between temperature, demand and production," explained the organization's president Serge Beaulieu. Quebec makes almost three-quarters of the world's supply, and the organization -- sometimes called the OPEC of maple syrup -- represents more than 11,000 producers. The group's massive reserves in the town of Laurierville, near Quebec City, are emblematic of Canada's hugely lucrative maple syrup industry.

Weather has Vermont maple sap taps flowing toward sweet year for syrup

The Japan Times

The warm weather in late March and early April didn't bring an end to the maple sap gathering season, and recent cold temperatures have extended the time that sap is flowing in maple trees, syrup producers said Monday. "I've made twice as much syrup as last year so it's much better," said Eric Remick, owner of Sweet Stone Maple Farm in Hardwick. Remick, who has been sugaring for about 11 years, said last year tied for a previous record low year of production for him but this year "I've tied my previous all-time high record." Officials in the maple-rich state say it's too early to tell how the quantity of syrup will affect prices for consumers of the sweet stuff, which retails for an average of about 49 a gallon in Vermont and can be used to pour over pancakes, sweeten oatmeal or jazz up a pecan pie. It takes warm days and cold nights for maple sap to flow, but too much warmth -- and the appearance of buds on maple trees -- brings a quick end to the season.

National Maple Syrup Day 2016: 5 Recipes To Enhance With Delicious Sweetener

International Business Times

Saturday marked National Maple Syrup Day! The "holiday" gives people the rare excuse to go nuts with the sugary substance and indulge in a pancake breakfast or a stack of waffles. While there are all sorts of recipes and brands that make delicious variants on the sweet syrup (strawberry, cinnamon are just a couple additional flavors to try), traditional maple syrup is the honorary flavor to celebrate this holiday. Maple syrup, made from the sap of maple trees, can require around 45 to 50 gallons of the tree's sap according to The traditional syrup has been around for a while, too.