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Intuit takes the wraps off new Quickbooks Assistant chatbot service


Intuit is expanding the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the official release of the QuickBooks Assistant.

Intuit adds invoice tracking to QuickBooks Self-Employed


Intuit is adding a new invoicing functionality to its QuickBooks online product for independent contractors. The cloud accounting software provider said users of QuickBooks Self-Employed can now track unpaid invoices on the platform's web and mobile apps -- a feature previously available only on QuickBooks Online. Intuit first launched the self-employed version of QuickBooks in January 2015, touting the platform for its tax-specific knowhow for freelancers and contract workers -- or what it calls the on-demand economy. The platform can be used to connect financial accounts, track deductions and calculate taxes, in addition to organizing comingled business and personal finances. Intuit continued to sharpen its focus on independent contractors throughout 2015.

How Intuit's Customers Have Benefited From Machine Learning


Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence where computers can learn without being explicitly programmed for handling certain tasks by analyzing vast amounts of data in the cloud. And Intuit – the company whose mission is to power prosperity for consumers, small businesses and the self-employed around the world through products like QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint – isn't new to machine learning. With roughly 100 patents pending and more than 30 machine learning systems in place, the company's 42 million customers worldwide are already reaping the benefits.

TurboTax, Quicken, QuickBooks, and more tax software on sale


Filing your taxes can be complicated and tedious. While April 15 may still feel like the distant future, the truth is that many people will wait until the last minute to finish their taxes just under the wire. However, there are some people who finish their taxes within weeks of the new year so they can get their tax return in the mail as soon as possible. This is a smart move -- especially when you consider all the early deals on tax software that are already floating around. We know doing your taxes isn't the most glamorous way to spend your time, but we found amazing deals on tax software from Quicken, Intuit, TurboTax, H&R Block, and more to guide you through the mind-numbing process.

Intuit Muscles into Banking with AI-Powered Primary Checking Account


The ranks of fintechs using Banking-as-a-Service to attract small business users to their sophisticated apps just got a jolt. An elephant by the name of Intuit just entered the room. But it's not just fintechs that are looking over their shoulder. Thousands of community financial institutions that consider small business relationships their bread and butter are -- or should -- be taking notice. Intuit, with its popular QuickBooks accounting software, is arguably the best-known brand among the small business community.