Collaborating Authors

Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Computer Science - Copenhagen Campus


The Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University's Technical Faculty of IT and Design is looking to appoint a number of Assistant Professors (tenure-track) for its new group at the university's Copenhagen Campus, commencing September 1, 2020 or soon thereafter. In 2020, the Department of Computer Science will begin building a new research group at Aalborg University's Copenhagen Campus. The group will be responsible for the newly approved bachelor's and master's educations in "Software" and will over time build its own research profile and capacity. The Copenhagen group will build upon, and contribute to the Department's broad range of synergistic activities within research and education in the general area of computer science, including curiosity-driven research and targeted research in collaboration with industrial partners, as well as traditional university education, with a unique problem- and project-based focus, and continued education and knowledge dissemination. As Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the Copenhagen Campus you are expected to deliver teaching of an international standard on the new Software education commencing in September 2020.

Professor or Associate/Assistant Professor in Artificial and Human Intelligence University of Helsinki


The University of Helsinki is an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. It is one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities in Europe and ranks among the top 100 international universities in the world. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer an attractive and diverse workplace in an inspiring environment with a variety of development opportunities and benefits. As a part of the Faculty of Science, the Department of Computer Science ( is a leading unit in Finland in its area and responsible for the teaching and research in computer science at the University of Helsinki. The number of professors at the Department has grown in recent years and there are now 29 professorships.

PhD Studies in Informatics, Computer Science - Norway


All employees are expected to contribute to excellence through high quality research and teaching. The working environment for this position will be at the Machine Learning and the Algorithms research groups. The person appointed in this position will develop new strategies for discovering rules encoded in neural network models and represent them as an ontology formulated in description logic or a related formalism in knowledge representation. The application and appendices with certified translations into English or a Scandinavian language must be uploaded at Jobbnorge by 28.10.2021. Digitization of businesses, industry, public administration, and education makes informatics play an increasingly important role in the development of the society.

Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making


As a successful applicant, you will work on the interface between Artificial Intelligence and decision-making methods. Examples of research directions include but are not limited to: using machine learning (such as predictive modelling and reinforcement learning) to find better solutions to optimization problems, developing decision support tools that combine data-driven models with knowledge-based models. With an embedding of the position in the school of Industrial Engineering, special attention will be paid to applications of the methods and tools in domains such as logistics, transportation, service industries, high-tech manufacturing, and healthcare. As an assistant professor, you will initiate, perform, and supervise high-quality research in the area of Information Systems. Depending on your background and expertise, your research will focus on the specific areas of Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Business Engineering, Data-Driven Decision Making, or a related field.

UiS Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Position in Marketing, Norway, Jan 2022


We are seeking an Assistant Professor with a PhD in Marketing. The Business School is looking to strengthen the area of marketing strategy. Priority will be given to candidates conducting research on customer relationship management (CRM), with an emphasis on applying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches. Candidates must, as a minimum, demonstrate the motivation and ability to publish in top-tier marketing journals (e.g., papers targeted or submitted to journals ranked 4 or higher in the Academic Journal Guide published by the Association of Business Schools) and to teach effectively (e.g., good student evaluations). The chosen candidate must also possess strong quantitative skills (e.g., significant graduate level training in econometrics and statistics) and have experience with advanced machine learning, including text analytics, and artificial intelligence applications (e.g., neural network). It is expected that you have a reflective and conscientious attitude towards your own teaching and supervision.