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Is Artificial Intelligence Needs Social Sciences?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers are deploying Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to assist in diverse tasks such as diagnosing medical conditions, driving cars, and screening job candidates. Such deployment of applications is giving rise to new ethical and social issues. Social scientists are trying to think about the effect such deployments have on the people, economy, and society. On the other hand, are the engineers who are trying to handle the ethical and social dilemmas their inventions create. Society as a whole has been trying to deal with the philosophical and social consequences of technology.

Data Science Projects for DSA Candidates


Important Note: Our Data Science Cheat Sheet is now available. Please read it (and follow instructions as needed) if you are not familiar with UNIX, R and scripting languages. This is the minimum stuff that you need to know to get started - if you start from scratch. Most candidates in our DSA are already familiar with the concepts explained in our cheat sheet.

6 Helpful Machine Learning Tutorials and Courses to Grasp the Essentials


Machine learning is the future of automation. Millions of tasks performed by humans on a daily basis will be eventually replaced by neural networks trained. Even now, machine learning algorithms shape your life. The job market is shifting to accommodate this new technology, and those who are capable of programming their own networks (or integrating with existing ones) are in high demand. There has never been a better time to dive into machine learning.

Attention High School Grads: Now You Can Major in A.I.--and Become a Very Hot Job Candidate


It's a college major that sounds straight out of science fiction: Starting this fall, at least two U.S. schools are offering degrees focused on artificial intelligence. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh announced on May 10 that the school will launch a bachelor of science program in artificial intelligence this fall. "Specialists in artificial intelligence have never been more important, in shorter supply or in greater demand by employers," said Andrew Moore, dean of the School of Computer Science, in a statement. Students in the computer-science school can enter the degree program in their second year. The course of study will include the same computer science and math courses as other students in the school, but will "focus more on how complex inputs -- such as vision, language and huge databases -- are used to make decisions or enhance human capabilities," the statement says.

Jobs at Popular Science: Now Hiring Writers, Editors, and More

Popular Science

We need a Managing Editor to oversee operations of our 144 year-old print magazine and slightly younger digital products. This means you'll help our small-but-growing team stay on-task and on-budget, as well as take part in strategic conversations that will guide us towards success. We're also hiring a data-fixated Engagement Editor to run our social streams; hone strategy; and find stories that will sing across our many platforms. The ideal candidate is smart and strategic, with a formidable analytics obsession and a competitive streak. They know the elements of a compelling story and how to package them for maximum impact.