Enterprises Predict Sales Rep Attrition with New AI Capabilities from Xactly Xactly Corp


Xactly delivers a scalable, cloud-based enterprise platform for planning and incenting sales organizations, including sales quota and territory planning, incentive compensation management, and predictive analytics. Using this powerful sales performance management (SPM) portfolio, customers mitigate risk, accelerate sales performance, and increase business agility. Combined with Xactly InsightsTM the industry's only empirical big data platform, Xactly empowers companies with real-time compensation insights and benchmarking data that maximize the bottom line. With an open, standards-based architecture, Xactly seamlessly integrates within an enterprise's existing infrastructure, with the ability to work with any ERP, CRM, or HCM application, while meeting the highest enterprise standards in security, reliability, and privacy.

Xactly AI Algorithm Predicting Sales Rep Attrition Available Now Xactly Corp


Integrated with Salesforce, Xactly's Sales Performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform applies machine learning algorithms to over 13 years of pay and performance data to analyze and predict the risk of future employee attrition. Leveraging a model of over 50 unique data elements, organizations can proactively address and prevent undesired sales attrition, reducing a significant business cost and safeguarding performance. Customers now have the ability to leverage the power of Salesforce Einstein and Xactly Insights together, allowing sales leaders to become smarter and more predictive. With the ability to predict leading sales indicators using both customer as well as their own reps' pay and performance data, sales leaders can: prioritize opportunities, prevent their top reps from leaving the organization and make real-time decisions to optimize overall sales performance. "Xactly has harnessed the power of big data to provide organizations with a predictive, real-world AI application that they can easily implement and use today to ensure the productivity and health of their sales force," said Christopher W. Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly.

TopOPPS Xactly for sales and commission forecasting


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4 Essential Benchmarks For SaaS Companies Eyeing An IPO

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No two companies tread quite the same road to an IPO. Some companies, like venture capital-backed Twilio, go public after less than a decade of life; others, like First Hawaiian Bank, spend more than a century in private hands before their market debut. Of course, regardless of industry, history, or revenue, every company headed for a public offering wants it to succeed. Given the IPO market's rocky start this year, founders considering an IPO should look toward companies that have done it before. Only by monitoring key metrics and comparing them to analogous companies that recently debuted can founders know whether they're on the right track.

AI/ML in Sales: How to Get the Right Data to Succeed


Today's business environment is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, sales organizations need deeper insights and access to data to stay ahead of the competition. One way sales teams are getting a competitive advantage is through artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). However, while many companies are looking into and adopting AI/ML technologies, success relies on more than just the algorithms within the tools. Organizations need the right data in order for AI/ML to "learn" to be truly effective.