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The Smart Home Skill API is a new addition to the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) that enables developers to add capabilities, or skills, to Alexa. Alexa provides a set of built-in smart home capabilities. Examples of these skills include the ability to turn on the lights or turn up the heat, among others. Customers can access these new abilities by asking Alexa questions or making requests. Delight your customers by enabling them to control connected smart home devices via voice.

A Knowledge-based Approach for the Automatic Construction of Skill Graphs for Online Monitoring Artificial Intelligence

Automated vehicles need to be aware of the capabilities they currently possess. Skill graphs are directed acylic graphs in which a vehicle's capabilities and the dependencies between these capabilities are modeled. The skills a vehicle requires depend on the behaviors the vehicle has to perform and the operational design domain (ODD) of the vehicle. Skill graphs were originally proposed for online monitoring of the current capabilities of an automated vehicle. They have also been shown to be useful during other parts of the development process, e.g. system design, system verification. Skill graph construction is an iterative, expert-based, manual process with little to no guidelines. This process is, thus, prone to errors and inconsistencies especially regarding the propagation of changes in the vehicle's intended ODD into the skill graphs. In order to circumnavigate this problem, we propose to formalize expert knowledge regarding skill graph construction into a knowledge base and automate the construction process. Thus, all changes in the vehicle's ODD are reflected in the skill graphs automatically leading to a reduction in inconsistencies and errors in the constructed skill graphs.

Representing Skill Demonstrations for Adaptation and Transfer

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We address two domains of skill transfer problems encountered by an autonomous robot: within-domain adaptation and cross-domain transfer. Our aim is to provide skill representations which enable transfer in each problem classification. As such, we explore two approaches to skill representation which address each problem classification separately. The first representation, based on mimicking, encodes the full demonstration and is well suited for within-domain adaptation. The second representation is based on imitation and serves to encode a set of key points along the trajectory, which represent the goal points most relevant to the successful completion of the skill. This representation enables both within-domain and cross-domain transfer. A planner is then applied to these constraints, generating a domain-specific trajectory which addresses the transfer task.

How to create your own Alexa skills via Blueprints


You've probably used your Amazon Echo for a variety of tasks and skills, from listening to music and playing games to finding information and controlling smart home devices. But what if you could create your own Alexa skills? You can, thanks to a feature called Alexa Blueprints. You can use templates to create your own stories and games, or concoct personalized answers to specific questions. After completing your custom skills, you have the option to limit them to just your own household so only you and your family can access them, or you can share them with the world.

How to create private Alexa skills without code


Amazon's Alexa devices can be a lot of fun, but her answers aren't always the ones you'd like to hear. Now you can easily create your own personal Alexa skills with one of more than 20 pre-made Blueprints, swapping in your own content for Amazon's. It's always been possible to write custom Alexa skills, but that involved computer programming or learning some sort of third-party tool. With Blueprints, that barrier is gone for anyone interested in creating private skills available just for devices registered to their own account. Categories include Fun & Games, Learning & Knowledge, At Home, and Storyteller.