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As conscious computing or contextual computing will rise in future, it will drastically change the way we interact with data/content. You never know an online visitor can be able to enter a website virtually and take a walk through via wearable devices like that of a shopping mall, and with the growing ecommerce trend globally, this very well sounds like a reality. If the current direction of website development is to adapt into an application platform, then 20 years from today, it will require website design agencies to take few steps ahead of it. After all we are going not only to be plopped down with the knowledge and experience we have today, but as human beings we will keep adjusting and evolving as it happens.

Website curates all the stares from 'The Office' into a glorious 'stare machine'


When mankind gets to a point where it'll need a catalogue of human emotions, the U.S. version of The Office will do a great job of covering most of them. But don't worry about building one, it's already here. It's called "The Office Stare Machine" and will shoot back any emotion you so desire. It's all delivered by the characters of the U.S. iteration of the comedy TV series, who'll happily (or miserably) break the fourth wall to do their thing. While the website will immediately suggest simple sentiments such as "happy" or "sad," it has a very broad taxonomy (there's 800 of them) of emotions that you can request.

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CMS is not only just involved in the way how the website appears but in addition to make its management convenient. It also additionally enables you to make real-time modifications from any web-enabled device. We provide essentially the most alluring themes, sites that are styled based on the niche and can be personalized as per one's own desires. Multi-user accessibility is an easy challenge for the website with the entire role of user-role management with CMS. Even the person with little knowledge on HTML can easily create, edit, publish, archive web pages/blogs, add/ edit events into event calendar, description, product specifications, costs, pictures, etc. view orders and print packing slips and invoices, reports and statistics site data.

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Spun Web Technology is a full service website marketing team with a specialization in wordpress. We specialize in everything from wordpress website design, wordpress website content, wordpress website security, and advanced features such a custom wordpress development. If you are interested in other website marketing or development services, we have extensive experience in most web platforms and we would be happy to give you a quote for anything the you need related to web marketing or web development. Our graphic artists have created designs for top companies and products. Our design team can handle any of your graphic design needs.