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This ramen fork will play noises to cover up your gross slurping


We've seen some pretty strange tech-related PR stunts over the years -- Engadget editor Edgar Alvarez rounded up some of the most bizarre for your enjoyment. But this new invention out of Japan might be one of the strangest we've seen. It tackles the problem of "noodle harassment," which basically involves the rather unpleasant slurping sound that accompanies eating ramen. Japanese company Nissin, makers of the Cup Noodle, has invented the Otohiko, which is a tech-enhanced fork that will detect slurping noises and camouflage them with other sounds. The tech-enhanced fork can detect multiple types of slurping sounds, which must have been incredible amounts of fun in the programming stages.

The worst gadgets of 2017


And it wasn't just the weekly political dramas, sexual harassment scandals or a massive security breach that affected nearly half the population that had us down. There was also a slew of terrible consumer devices that sullied our mood this year. Before we say goodbye to them, though, let's relive the horror one last time. Here's hoping that 2018 brings us better gadgets than this sorry lot.

The Morning After: Wednesday, October 25th 2017


We put two of the latest 4K streaming sticks to the test, explain why scientists are redefining the kilogram and discover a ramen fork that cancels out slurping. Tom Nook is going after your real money.'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' arrives on smartphones in November In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you build your own camp from scratch instead of developing a town. Despite the change in setting, the elements the beloved franchise is known for are still there: Isabelle will still guide you in your journey, along with the animals that move into your camp. You'll able to visit other camps and make friends with other players, as well as build new facilities.

Ramen-flavored Pringles are a cheap college student's dream


Ramen comes in many different flavors. Pringles comes in many different flavors. Combining them just makes sense. At least Pringles and Nissin, the company that makes Top Ramen, sure seem to think so. The cheap food powerhouses have teamed up to create Top Ramen Chicken Pringles, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Cup Noodles slurping strong, 45 years on

The Japan Times

Just grab a cup of instant noodles and pour hot water into it. After waiting three minutes, the ramen is ready to eat. This September marks the 45th anniversary of Cup Noodles, the "magic" instant food that has had a dramatic impact on food culture. Since its debut in 1971, more than 40 billion packages of the popular instant ramen had been sold as of May, according to Cup Noodles manufacturer Nissin Food Products Co. The product is now sold in more than 80 countries, with sales outside Japan occupying roughly 70 percent of the total in 2015 in terms of volume.