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This robotic arm carries a UV light wand to disinfect public spaces


A research team at the University of Southern California has developed a semi-autonomous robot, called Agile Dexterous Autonomous Mobile Manipulation System-UV (ADAMMS-UV). The robot, controlled remotely, uses a UV light wand attached to its arm to disinfect hard to reach places. While the prototype has been tested in a lab, it still requires further testing before being deployed publically.

Airport to use autonomous robots to blast floors with UVC light


With coronavirus keeping travelers at home, one airport is taking spring cleaning to the next level with a pair of robots. Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), working with Carnegie Robotics, will use autonomous machines equipped with UVC light to kill microbes. Then they will emit ultraviolet rays to sanitize them even further. While no studies have proven UVC light kills coronavirus, experts assume that it does, since it's been used to break down other viruses like the one that causes SARS. It's similar to the cleaning method the New York subway system is using to disinfect a few trains, but PIT has two robots to help with the task.

Mini tanks deployed to disinfect coronavirus-hit areas in China

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Authorities in China have resorted to using remote-control operated mini tanks to disinfect city streets amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak that's sickened over 70,500 in the country and killed at least 1,770. The tank, which was developed by Shanxi Tianyi Technology Co. Ltd., was originally designed to disinfect prisons and can cover up to 540,000 square feet in just an hour, according to AsiaWire. HUNDREDS PRAY AT WESTERN WALL FOR CORONAVIRUS CURE: 'GOD HAS THE POWER TO SEND HEALING' It's one of two currently being controlled by hazmat-wearing teams that are patrolling city streets.

MTA spends $1 million to test disinfecting NYC subways with UV light


Early next week, the MTA will begin disinfecting subways and buses using ultraviolet light in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. The pilot program will test small UV light devices developed by the Colorado-based startup Puro Lighting. If all goes as planned, the boxes will zap the virus from the air and surfaces, providing an automated alternative to chemical disinfectants. The MTA will use approximately 150 devices, which according to NY1, it purchased for $1 million. The MTA plans to first test the tech across New York City Transit trains, buses, subways and occupational facilities.

New York's coronavirus plan involves UV light to disinfect subways

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Columbia University radiation biophysics professor Dr. David Brenner explains the use of UV light to kill COVID-19 on public transit. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) plans to rid its transportation fleet of the harmful coronavirus through beams of ultraviolet light, officials say. The MTA announced a pilot program with Puro Lighting, a company specializing in UV disinfection lighting devices. The $1 million investment will result in 230 far ultraviolet-C (far-UVC) lamps rolled out on trains, buses and in agency facilities next week, according to MTA Chairman Pat Foye.