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COVID-ED: Never Let a Crisis go to Waste


Flash forward to today and we find university administrators blowing the dust off of emergency preparedness and contingency plans, in which the originals were produced on manual typewriters and reproduced on mimeograph machines. Granted, there are some institutions, such as those in disaster prone areas (e.g. As a result of this lack of planning, we are now seeing a rush to create quick fixes that range from palatable to the absurd. Without naming names, one of the most horrifying plans I have heard goes something like this, "We will be perfectly fine. We have (a significant number) of instructional designers. It is our estimate that each of these ID's can convert a class to online every thirty minutes. Based on this assumption, we feel that we will be able to convert (a staggering number) of courses and sections, within 48 hours, should we need to close down our campus."

Aso asks whether SDF should shoot North Korean refugees fleeing hypothetical Korean contingency

The Japan Times

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has raised the specter of armed North Korean refugees flooding the Sea of Japan coastline after a contingency on the Korean Peninsula, and asked whether they would be shot as part of Japan's response. In a speech in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, on Saturday, Aso, who is also the finance minister, asked how authorities would respond if that should happen. "Can the police handle them? Will the Self-Defense Forces be dispatched and shoot them down? We'd better think about it seriously," he claimed.

Rams make contingency plans in case air quality from fires affects ability to practice

Los Angeles Times

The Rams are making contingency plans if Southland fires continue to affect air quality that prevents them from practicing at their Thousand Oaks facility in preparation for Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles at the Coliseum.

Judge Says Couple Owe Lawyer $2.18M More for Contingency Fee

U.S. News

The judge said in her lawsuit ruling filed Monday that attorney Stan Munger's contingency fee contract with Chad and Rosanne Plante was "reasonable and valid." The Sioux City Journal reports that Judge Nancy Whittenburg said Munger was entitled to receive 33 percent of the settlement the city paid the Plantes to resolve claims from a 2016 bus crash that caused serious injuries to Chad Plante.

Scherzer's Knuckle Causing Pain; Nats Make Contingency Plans

U.S. News

NL Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer is dealing with pain from a broken knuckle on his pitching hand that arose late last year, and Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker says the team is making plans in case his ace isn't ready for opening day.