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A Foundation for Strange Agent Negotiation

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We define a strange agent as an agent with an ontology that is unknown, and possibly dissimilar, to another agent's. Proposed here are the foundations for a protocol, which will enable strange agents to, via a process of negotiation, discover something of each other's ontology's and represent these ontologies within their own. The purpose of this discovery being to enable the agents to decide if they may be of use to each other, and in the case where they can, enabling the agents to make use of each other.

E-state agent

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Every day property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla receive millions of clicks from home hunters. But to get your home advertised on one of those sites, you need an estate agent - and an increasing number of people are turning to online agents such as eMoov, PurpleBricks and Yopa. Their flat fees are less than those charged by traditional High Street agents, attracting customers and investors alike. However, online agents charge whether they sell the property or not. This leaves some people with a bill - and an unsold home.

Open Agent Architecture (OAA)

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In a distributed agent framework, we conceptualize a dynamic community of agents, where multiple agents contribute services to the community. When external services or information are required by a given agent, instead of calling a known subroutine or asking a specific agent to perform a task, the agent submits a high-level expression describing the needs and attributes of the request to a specialized Facilitator agent. The Facilitator agent will make decisions about which agents are available and capable of handling sub-parts of the request, and will manage all agent interactions required to handle the complex query. Such a distributed agent architecture allows the construction of systems that are more flexible and adaptable than distributed object frameworks. Individual agents can be dynamically added to the community, extending the functionality that the agent community can provide as a whole.

Agents Go Traveling

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This paper is concerned with infrastructural support for nomadic agents. Agent migration offers much potential however issues relating to the security and integrity of their temporary resting nodes has mitigated against the harvesting of their true potential. Within this paper we introduce the Agent Travel Metaphor (ATM) which offers a comprehensive metaphor fostering integrating of control and security. We describe the metaphor together with its incorporation within the Agent Factory multi-agent system.

A DAI Architecture for Coordinating Multimedia Applications

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With the advent of distributed multimedia applications, there is a need for techniques to help users coordinate their activities during multimedia application sessions. As multimedia applications move from the single workstation environment to the distributed, multi-workstation environment, problems of hardware resource allocation and multimedia resource coordination between computer "agents" become more apparent.