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The Automated Negotiating Agents Competition, 2010–2015

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The Automated Negotiating Agents Competition is an international event that, since 2010, has contributed to the evaluation and development of new techniques and benchmarks for improving the state-of-the-art in automated multi-issue negotiation. A key objective of the competition has been to analyze and search the design space of negotiating agents for agents that are able to operate effectively across a variety of domains. The competition is a valuable tool for studying important aspects of negotiation including profiles and domains, opponent learning, strategies, bilateral and multilateral protocols. Two of the challenges that remain are: How to develop argumentation-based negotiation agents that next to bids, can inform and argue to obtain an acceptable agreement for both parties, and how to create agents that can negotiate in a human fashion.



In a simple competition, users can access the complete datasets at the beginning of the competition, after accepting the competition's rules. The learner will open a go into the Kaggle website and open their own account. He will go into the competitions page of Kaggle and will enter five Kaggle competitions. When the learner reviews the code, he will learn a methodical procedure for writing code onto Kaggle's Jupyter Notebook for the competition.

The Google Lunar X Prize's Race to the Moon Is Over. Nobody Won.

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The Google Lunar X Prize competition, which has spent the past decade dangling a $20 million prize for the first privately financed venture to make it to the moon, came to a quiet end on Tuesday.

In pictures: 2017 Galapagos photography competition

BBC News

The winners have been announced for a photography competition capturing wildlife and scenery from across the Galapagos Islands. All images are subject to copyright.

'The Big Bash is the best competition in the world - The Hundred can a learn a lot'

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It is a sign of how the sport is maturing in Australia. The final itself didn't possess the quality and excitement witnessed at earlier stages of the competition, including two pulsating semi-finals, but the talent on show throughout the tournament - including from a clutch of fearless teenagers - made for compelling viewing peppered with awe-inspiring moments.