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What is 'Dune'? Everything you should know about Frank Herbert's sci-fi epic.


Are you newly Dune-curious after watching the glorious debut trailer for Denis Villeneuve's upcoming adaptation? Well, Mashable has you covered. If you're already well-acquainted with the spice, Melange, and you know the difference between Stilgar and a stillsuit, you're not going to learn much here. But Dune is a vast and sometimes confusing sci-fi universe, and total newcomers might want to understand what they're stepping into before seeing how Villeneuve brought it to life. So, without further ado, let's take a trip to Arrakis.

The First 'Dune' Trailer Makes Some Epic Promises


The first trailer for Dune begins much like the book on which it's based: with Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) revealing he has dreams that often come true. "Do you often dream things that happen, just as you dreamed them?" asks the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam (Charlotte Rampling). She's about to test his mettle. Holding a poison dart to his neck--an object known as the gom jabbar--she asks him to put his hand in a box filled with pain. She's testing his humanity; to work through the agony, he recites the Litany Against Fear.

Timothée Chalamet leads star-studded cast in new 'Dune' trailer

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Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. Timothée Chalamet is front and center as the young Paul Atreides in the new "Dune" trailer, which dropped on Wednesday. In the epic sci-fiction film based on the 1965 novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, the 23-year-old Oscar nominee stars alongside Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa. Denis Villeneuve ("Arrival" and "Blade Runner 2049") directed the Warner Bros. and Legendary produced-film, the screenplay was penned by Jon Spaihts, Villeneuve and Eric Roth, with music by Hans Zimmer and cinematography by Greig Fraser.

Warner Bros.' Dune vs. Apple's Foundation: An epic clash of content distribution


This afternoon, for the technology industry, all eyes will be on Apple's "California Streaming" virtual event, during which this year's models of iPhones -- and possibly iPads -- are set to be unveiled to an awaiting public. The new smartphones and tablets are destined to be big hits -- they have been, consistently, year after year, even with minor iterative improvements. But Apple's biggest news of 2021 won't be the iPhone 13. In terms of new market penetration and risk potential, the big news will be the results of Apple's $1 billion investment in streaming media content for its Apple TV Plus service, which they announced in 2019. A big chunk of that billion-dollar commitment will be their adaptation of Foundation, the first of three volumes in a series of classic Isaac Asimov science-fiction novels published in the early 1950s.

The first 'Dune' reviews are up. Here's what critics have to say.


After being pushed a year from its initial premiere date in 2020, Denis Villeneuve's Dune screened for an audience of critics at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Some praised the sprawling, massive scale of the movie as brilliant and awe-inspiring, while others faulted it for being the first part of a planned two-part series that ends just as things are getting interesting. A movie as huge and as anticipated as Dune, which has been described by more than one person as "unfilmable," was bound to produce a wide array of critical opinions, with more to come closer to the planned premiere in Oct. 2021. Here's what critics have to say about Dune. Denis Villeneuve's fantasy epic tells us that big-budget spectaculars don't have to be dumb or hyperactive, that it's possible to allow the odd quiet passage amid the explosions...Dune is dense, moody and quite often sublime.