This four-inch antenna could let you text from deep underground


There's a reason that scuba divers use sign language and that caves and tunnels create radio dead zones. The laws of physics prevent radio signals from penetrating materials like water, soil and stone, and that's been a frustrating limitation of modern wireless communication. Now, the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory might have a solution: a four-inch-tall, pocket-sized antenna that emits very low frequency (VLF) radiation. Unlike radio waves, which are used for radio broadcasts, radar and navigation systems, VLF radiation wavelengths can travel thousands of miles beyond the horizon and hundreds of feet through the ground and water. This isn't the first time VLF radiation has been used to break through physical barriers.

Cut The Cord With This Digital Antenna, Now Half Off


Cord cutting continues to gain popularity, but some of us still resist the movement for fear that we'll lose access to key programming. What you may not realize, however, is that you can still watch popular television shows--for free--via over the air transmissions and without having to mount an ugly mechanical antenna over your roof. All you need is a digital antenna like as the ANTOP AT-402B, which is currently on sale for just $79.99. Unlike the old mechanical antennas of the past, today's digital antennas are sleek, compact, and provide a crystal clear HD picture with amazing sound. The ANTOP AT-402B sets up easily, is able to receive signals from up to 70 miles away, and you can place it virtually anywhere around your home or property.

Mohu's latest indoor antenna has a 65-mile range


Mohu has something new for all of the cord-cutters out there. The company has upgraded its indoor Leaf antenna and the new version delivers a 65-mile reception range. Mohu says that its SignaLift technology puts the Leaf Glide more on par with outdoor antennas. The Leaf Glide is also a little bit bigger at 21.5 inches by 11.5 inches, allowing it to pick up lower frequency bands. Mohu's Leaf antennas are super thin, multi-directional indoor versions that you can use to pick up free over-the-air TV channels.

Defeat NIMBYs With pCell's Wireless Antenna Disguised as a Wire


Cellular antennas often wear disguises. Chances are, your smartphone has at some point connected to an antenna that looks a lot like a pine tree, a palm tree, or even a cactus. But in typical fashion, serial Silicon Valley inventor Steve Perlman aims to push this idea much further. He and his company, Artemis Networks, just unveiled a cellular antenna disguised as a cable. Yes, it's wireless technology that looks like a wire.

Cut cable with this indoor antenna on sale from Amazon for just $13


TV can be expensive, whether its from cable companies or streaming providers. However, there are still options to save some money from those big providers. And if you go to Amazon right now, you can pick up just the thing to cut those TV costs. The Xidomi Indoor TV Antenna is currently available on Amazon for $12.98, down from its original price of $48.99. Now at first you might think, "Wait, why would I want an antenna, isn't that outdated?"