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The future of robotics


Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? The robotics market includes a wide and ever-expanding range of products. After numerous years of collaboration with both eastern and western customers, it's possible to make predictions about the future evolution of robotics and the robotics industry. According to the demand, a major market share will involve professional service applications. Changes in customer behavior have emerged as a significant driver of the industry's development.

New verses Old Robotics: How everything is changing


Old (existing) robotics is growing. In fact, it is arguably in the midst of a growth supercycle. As we recently wrote, this is largely thanks to demand in China. Indeed, China is already the leading purchaser of robots despite still having a below average robotic density and thus extensive room for future growth. In parallel to this, the world of robotics is being fundamentally transformed along three primary axes: increased collaboration, increased autonomous mobility and increased intelligence.

Robot Planning in the Real World: Research Challenges and Opportunities

AI Magazine

Recent years have seen significant technical progress on robot planning, enabling robots to compute actions and motions to accomplish challenging tasks involving driving, flying, walking, or manipulating objects. However, robots that have been commercially deployed in the real world typically have no or minimal planning capability. These robots are often manually programmed, teleoperated, or programmed to follow simple rules. Although these robots are highly successful in their respective niches, a lack of planning capabilities limits the range of tasks for which currently deployed robots can be used. In this article, we highlight key conclusions from a workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation in October 2013 that summarize opportunities and key challenges in robot planning and include challenge problems identified in the workshop that can help guide future research toward making robot planning more deployable in the real world.

Top 10 Robotics Companies In India 2020


Robotics has been a technology to look out for to automate the business process. There are lots of robotics companies in India that provide robotics solutions and consulting services for businesses and industries. Robotics has brought a significant transformation in the Indian automation industry. Industrial robots has been necessary for the manufacturing process. Many companies have gone with robotics technology to automate their business processes, which will benefit them for the longer run.