'Unpredictable' killer robots could go 'off the rails'

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Introducing self-governing killer robots to the battlefield could have horrific consequences for mankind, a leading academic has warned. The lethal technology is being developed around the world and is slowly being used in warfare as countries try to stay ahead of other nations. A global initiative to prohibit the use of fully autonomous killing machines that do not require any human oversight to choose and execute people was blocked earlier this year. A handful of countries including Australia, Israel, the US, Russia and South Korea prevented the worldwide ban - citing the need for further talks on the'benefits and advantages of autonomous weapons'. Richard Moyes, an honorary fellow at the University of Exeter and founding member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (CSKR), has revealed the long-term use of killer robots, without human controllers, may result in unnecessary loss of life to both civilians and soldiers.

Professor Stephen Hawking warns of rogue robot rebellion evolving faster than humans

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A sinister threat is brewing deep inside the technology laboratories of Silicon Valley, according to Professor Stephen Hawking. Artificial Intelligence, disguised as helpful digital assistants and self-driving vehicles, is gaining a foothold, and it could one day spell the end for mankind. The world-renowned professor has warned robots could evolve faster than humans and their goals will be unpredictable. Professor Stephen Hawking (pictured) claimed AI would be difficult to stop if the appropriate safeguards are not in place. During a talk in Cannes, Google's chairman Eric Schmidt said AI will be developed for the benefit of humanity and there will be systems in place in case anything goes awry.

Killer robots could enslave humanity before wiping us out

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Humans could one day become enslaved by the intelligent machines they create, a renowned MIT professor has warned. A number of prominent researchers expect AI to be able to outsmart humans at every conceivable task and job within decades. One expert believes people may not be able to keep up with these super intelligent robots, who could'break out and takeover' before destroying humanity. Shockingly, he also claims that some of his colleagues may welcome the extinction of the species by AI, viewing them as our natural descendants. Mankind could become enslaved by the intelligent machines they may soon create, a renowned MIT professor Max Tegmark (pictured) has warned.

We must fight the invasion of the killer robots


"Killer robots" are taking over. Also known as autonomous weapons, these devices, once activated, can destroy targets without human intervention. The technology has been with us for years. In 1959, the US Navy started using the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, an autonomous defense device that can spot and attack anti-ship missiles, helicopters and similar threats. In 2014, Russia announced that killer robots would guard five of its ballistic missile installations.

Google's Eric Schmidt says we should all 'stop freaking out' about AI

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The doomsday scenario of killer robots taking over the world isn't going to happen. That's according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who says we should stop worrying about it and start focusing on the positives. He has said artificial intelligence (AI) will be developed for the benefit of humanity, and although doomsday scenarios should be considered, he is optimistic about the future. Artificial intelligence will let scientists solve some of the world's'hard problems.' 'The original Kodak camera was seen as destroying art,' Mr Schmidt said.