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3 Reasons Why A/B Testing is Dying -- Amplero Feature


This article was originally published on Amplero's blog. Everybody has seen the classic testing and optimization wheel on some smart art-heavy marketing PowerPoint slide. It seems so simple right? Start with a hypothesis, run the test, generate insights, and iterate. This model works great--especially if your customers only access your site or app via one device via one source on a linear transactional journey.

The Role of Experimentation in Artificial Intelligence


Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A. 1994 349 1689. Intelligence is a complex, natural phenomenon exhibited by humans and many other living things, without sharply defined boundaries between intelligent and unintelligent behaviour. Artificial inteliigence focuses on the phenomenon of intelligent behaviour, in humans or machines. Experimentation with computer programs allows us to manipulate their design and intervene in the environmental conditions in ways that are not possible with humans. Thus, experimentation can help us to understand what principles govern intelligent action and what mechanisms are sufficient for computers to replicate intelligent behaviours.

[D] How do you structure your experimentation cycles? • r/MachineLearning


What do you do after you write out code for your idea and when the networks are training? Usually, the next thing I want to try is dependant on the result of the current run. Other than just reading papers or browsing reddit/twitter when idle, are there any tips to make the most of a Deep Learning work week?

In 2018, IoT will move beyond experimentation


The tech revolution is spreading to every corner of the earth with the Internet of Things, and it's enabling data analytics and automation in ways never before imagined in business. The term IoT can be confusing, and depending on who you talk to they might choose to focus on one element like connectivity or another. At Forrester we believe IoT extends beyond devices and connectivity. At a technical level, IoT encompasses those two elements as well analytics, sophisticated management and monitoring, and of course pervasive security to protect sensitive data and assets. But it's the business impact of IoT that truly defines what it is: the insights that you can derive with analytics and the business outcomes you can achieve.

Artificial Intelligence Reinvents Management


The potential of AI is often praised by academics, technologists and the press, but there is little information about how to adapt to this new technology and its influence on modern-day jobs. How should managers prepare themselves to ensure that they will excel in this new world of artificial intelligence? Accenture recently conducted a research, surveying 1,770 managers from 14 countries and 37 interviewed executives responsible for the digital transformation of their company. By identifying this data, the researchers established five practices that is essential for a manager to master, to be successful. The survey, conducted by Vegard Kolbjornsrud, Richard Amico and Robert J. Thomas, found that managers spend more than half their time on administrative coordination and control tasks, despite what levels they are managing.