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6 of the Biggest Marketing Automation Trends You Need to Know Right Now


Rapid advancement in technology is constantly shaping the marketing landscape. Today, marketers have access to various tools that help them improve their strategies and earn more profit. They are able to target the right people at the right times through the right channels. From sending welcome emails to new subscribers to interacting with website visitors using chatbots – automation has invaded every facet of marketing. Therefore, it is crucial for marketers to stay abreast with the recent marketing automation trends. Before we take a look at the most important marketing automation trends, let's understand what it actually means. Marketing automation enables you to use certain tools or software to automate marketing tasks and workflows.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions to Level up Your Online Presence


The success of modern digital marketing today mainly rests on four key pillars: analytics, personalization, automation, and optimization. In the past, marketers had to depend on different tools for each of these pillars. However, that resulted in a landscape where small businesses were forced to pay expensive fees and feel completely helpless when trying to figure out what was actually working in their marketing. But what if you could use a single platform to handle everything? To align all these aspects of marketing, where your strategy is automatically implemented and tailored based on buyer behavior?

Marketing Automation Tools: Best Marketing Automation Software Tools in 2021


Marketing Automation Tools: Winning the hearts of the customers is possible when businesses adopt smart marketing strategies and tools that generate effective results. When the markets are reaching the customers over the right digital marketing platforms. The automation of your business operations can improve the growth of your business, and this is the most significant aspect of running the most successful enterprise. To put a step ahead of the competitors, all digital marketers need to find the marketing automation tools that can be a great source to simplify the business tasks. Marketo is one of the trending marketing automation tools that can feed the users with several features like email marketing, landing pages, website analytics, nurturing, scoring, SEO, social media targeting, mobile engagement, website personalization and web retargeting, etc. through which the small businesses to large enterprises can enhance their business growth.

Top 5 Small Business Marketing Automation Trends of 2019 - Small Business Trends


In 2019, the top performing content marketing teams will have expert knowledge in marketing technology. But it's important to also note that those top performing marketers aren't using technology to simply put their marketing on autopilot. Rather, they use technology to glean better insight into their content performance and audience interactions. In other words, they're using technology to become smarter marketers themselves, rather than replace human effort and insight. That's one of the biggest differences between those who succeed with marketing automation, and those who either don't use it or don't succeed with it.

Part One: Will Artificial Intelligence Exceed Human Performance in Marketing and Sales by 2025?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be out of the sci-fi closet but the adoption within MarTech industry is still very much in its nascent stage. With the advent of wireless and virtual technologies in last two decades, businesses have evolved at a breakneck pace. And now, the biggest force pushing that momentum is the refined combination of AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML). While the first half of the decade focused on leveraging Big Data, AI technology in business, especially in sales and marketing, has taken a major lead with its equitable adoption rate. The promise AI offers – intelligent software running on AI/ML algorithms would perform tasks better, faster and cheaper, is an optimistic opportunity within MarTech.