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what art can do for ai #2


Art on the planet has been contentious for human society. It is an issue about which many people have strong feelings and often disagree about what it means, how it should be used, where it originates and its position in today's world. Art provides us with a variety of ways to express our creativity and emotions. Is there such a thing as a universal definition of art? Why is creating art controversial?

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It has long been believed that thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that fill our minds every day are part of what it means to have consciousness.

what art can do for ai


Art on this planet has been a very controversial subject for the human race. It is something that many people have strong feelings about and often disagree about what it means, how it should be used, where it came from and where its status lies in today's world. One of the things that art does really well is to allow humans to express themselves creatively and emotionally through various mediums such as music, writing or painting. Paolo Cirio created a database with 4000 faces of French police officers to crowdsource their identification with Facial Recognition technology and through the platform There are many forms of art that humans have created over the years and there is no one way to define it. I think we can talk about art as being any form of expression that a human uses to convey their feelings or thoughts.

Harvard scientist on why you should stop being positive

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At this time of year the pressure to ditch all those negative thoughts and become a happier, more successful individual in the year ahead is at its height.

10 steps to help you avoid grief

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The pain of losing something or someone can be unbearable, preventing us from thinking of anything but our loss and sadness. Many of us store our feelings up inside us or try to distract ourselves from our hurting. But Donna Lancaster, a life coach and relationships expert, says unresolved grief can lead to anxiety and depression, as well as preventing us from living our lives to the full. There are ways that - with time - allow us to accept our loss and move on, causing the feelings of distress to disappear. Here, writing for Healthista, she shares her top ten tips to help deal with grief...