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Helping developers validate skills with first global Watson Certification Program - IBM Watson


In 2014, IBM launched the Watson Developer Cloud, making the power of cognitive computing available to developers across the world through a set of APIs on IBM's BlueMix platform. We've seen volumes of applications built by companies covering everything from personal health and fitness to travel and entertainment to financial services. It was amazing to see these early adopters jump onboard and showcase the power of cognitive computing. We want to make it even easier for developers to learn how to build and deploy cognitive applications – and even more importantly, to distinguish themselves for having developed these critical skills. That's why today, IBM is announcing a new program -- the IBM Watson Application Developer Certification -- designed to help developers all across the world build and validate their skills as well as connect with companies looking to leverage their unique talents.

Affirm Your AI Skills at Watson Developer Conference


Earlier this year, David Kenny, from IBM Watson, took to the SDC Keynote stage to share how they've been working to help people better understand machine, and help machines better understand us. Their APKs take data patterns and turn them into algorithms allowing developers to take those algorithms and turn them into life-changing experiences. Watson developers have created really great experiences – just look back at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon winners. Next week, at Watson Developer Conference, hundreds of developers will join industry leading experts like Uber, Slack, Cyber Code Twins and Omni Earth, to talk about best practices in machine learning and cognitive methodology to create knowledge from both internal and external data. This is a MUST ATTEND event for anyone interested in AI.

The Slack and IBM Watson Tour - Watson


We are excited to join forces with Slack to host a series of workshops across Europe. These are one-day workshops, focused on making software that improves the workplace. The workshops will begin with API overviews from both companies during which Watson developer advocate Yacine, will dish out some handy tips on getting started quickly with many of the Watson services. We'll then stay to help you brainstorm, scope, and eventually build out your projects. Everyone can expect to walk away with a working prototype built on top of Slack and Watson Developer Cloud APIs.

IBM Launches Watson Assistant To Help Developers Build Conversational User Experiences

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At the THINK 2018 conference, IBM announced Watson Assistant, a new addition to its cognitive computing platform. This service enables developers to build digital assistants that can interact through conversational user experience. Watson Assistant is not entirely new to developers familiar with IBM Cloud. It's an enhancement to an existing service called Conversation. In its improved version, the API supports newer conversational flow combined with natural language understanding.

POV: My real world experience at Watson DevCon - IBM Watson


People say there's a first for everything. A few weeks ago, I attended my first big tech conference, the IBM Watson Developer's Conference. For many, it may not be a big deal, but it sure was for me. I represented a real organization, got an attendee badge to prove it, and even missed a day of my senior year of high school. AOL #BUILTBYGIRLS, a platform encouraging girls to be builders and creators in our tech-enabled economy, offered me the opportunity to serve as its ambassador.