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Hannity accuses White House of trying to 'buy time' for 'cognitively struggling' Biden

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'Hannity' hosts questions what US enemies think of Biden's blunders Sean Hannity accused the Biden administration Tuesday of trying to conceal the fact of the president's "decline" in acuity. "What is going on with the president of the United States, Joe Biden? What is wrong?" the "Hannity" host asked rhetorically. "The American people deserve answers. He barely has any public events. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is taking solo calls with world leaders. That would be the commander-in-chief's job."

Hannity wants to know who's actually running the White House

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'Hannity' host expresses concern over Biden's mental capacity and questions who's really making the decisions Fox News host Sean Hannity started his show Tuesday asking who is in charge at the White House and noting he does not believe it is Joe Biden. Hannity cited a Trafalgar and Convention of States poll which shows 57% of people do not think Biden is fully executing his duties. Who is in charge of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?" Hannity asked. "A majority of the American people believe that it is definitely not Joseph Biden… In other words, Joe is not making the decisions, he is not in charge. I know at times on this program I have joked about this, but honestly starting tonight, this stops, that stops.

Hannity: In Joe Biden's America, the rules don't apply to him

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Joe Biden takes a private jet to Florida, one day after claiming fossil fuels will destroy the world. Presidential nominee Joe Biden isn't practicing what he preaches on the campaign trail, Fox News host Sean Hannity argued during his Tuesday night "Hannity" monologue. After Biden's address on climate Monday, where he proposed man-made fossil fuels will be the destruction of the world, Hannity pointed out he boarded a "massive private jet." "A lot of carbon emissions for a short, one-day trip down to Florida," he said. "In Joe Biden's America, the rules only apply to We the People. Hannity suggested we should possibly give the former vice president the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to his frequent "cognitive issues." Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a Hispanic heritage event at Osceola Heritage Park on September 15, 2020 in Kissimmee, Florida. "After all, he's having more and more trouble recalling basic facts – what day of the week it is, what office he's running for, whether he's going for re-election or election," Hannity said. Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is even confusing the basics after making a slip where she referred to their campaign as the "Harris Administration together with Joe Biden." And Biden himself continues to verbally flip the Democratic ticket as "Harris-Biden." Hannity questioned, with only 49 days left in the election, if the American people really trust Biden and Harris. Or if they'd even go as far to hire him to work at a fast-food restaurant. "Would you hire Joe to manage and run even a busy McDonald's restaurant?" he asked. "That's a hard job… I don't know.

Sean Hannity asks if Biden has strength, stamina and mental alertness to perform 'hardest job in the world'

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Cities that rank the highest in violent crime are almost exclusively run by Democrats. Sean Hannity began Monday's program by urging Americans to ask themselves, "What has [Joe] Biden done to improve the lives of all Americans?" "Did Biden pass criminal justice reform? No. Did he pass police reform? After Baltimore, after Ferguson, what did they do? President Trump changed it," the host said.

Hannity hammers Biden after 'weird, strange, embarrassing public breakdown': 'What's going on here?'

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Questions over Biden's cognitive ability as November election closes in. Democrats are quietly scrambling after Joe Biden's "weird, strange, embarrassing public breakdown" this week, Sean Hannity claimed Thursday. Discussing Biden's bizarre statements during an interview at the virtual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), the "Hannity" host told viewers that the presumptive Democratic nominee has become an "unmitigated disaster" for the party. "He looks extremely weak," Hannity said, "even from his basement bunker, with the lightest possible schedule of any presidential candidate in history. He is struggling and struggling big time." During the interview, Biden rebuked CBS correspondent Errol Barnett for asking the former vice president if he had taken a cognitive test, claiming the question was similar to asking Barnett if he was using cocaine.