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This course comprises of 34 case studies that will enrich your learning experience. In addition, we also have 3 Projects that will enhance your implementation skills.

Data Science Course Data Science Certification Training Edureka


The incorporation of technology in our everyday lives has been made possible by the availability of data in enormous amounts. Data is drawn from different sectors and platforms including cell phones, social media, e-commerce sites, various surveys, internet searches, etc. However, the interpretation of vast amounts of unstructured data for effective decision making may prove too complex and time consuming for companies, hence, the emergence of Data Science. Data science incorporates tools from multi disciplines to gather a data set, process and derive insights from the data set, extract meaningful data from the set, and interpret it for decision-making purposes. The disciplinary areas that make up the data science field include mining, statistics, machine learning, analytics, and some programming.

All You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence


It promises to change the world but what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? These presentation explains all you need to know. What is Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Tutorial For Beginners Edureka de Edureka!

What is Deep Learning Getting Started With Deep Learning Edureka


We all know that Google can instantly translate between 100 different human language, that too very quickly as if by magic. The technology behind Google Translate is called Machine Translation and has been savior for people who can't communicate with each other because of the difference in the speaking language. Now, you would be thinking that this feature has been there for a long time, so, what's new in this? Let me tell you that over the past two years, with the help of deep learning, Google has totally reformed the approach to machine translation in its Google Translate. In fact, deep learning researchers who know almost nothing about language translation are putting forward relatively simple machine learning solutions that are beating the best expert-built language translation systems in the world.