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Tweet round-up from the first few days of #NeurIPS2020


It's been a busy few days at NeurIPS 2020 so far with all manner of talks, workshops, tutorials and socials on offer. This selection of tweets gives a flavour of the various events and discussions taking place. Go watch it right now, you won't regret it! Interesting talk by Chris Bishop at #NeurIPS2020 Basic or Applied research is not a 1D space. Next up at #NeurIPS2020: Shafi Goldwasser presenting on three works about privacy, verifiability, and robustness in machine learning.

#NeurIPS2021 in tweets – highlights from the first week


The first week of the 35th conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS2021) saw eight fascinating invited talks, tutorials, affinity group workshops, and a new datasets and benchmarks track. There were also poster sessions, oral sessions, competitions, demonstrations, and more. With this compilation of tweets, we look back on the week. "The greatest violence is the product of remoteness from reality" – a great talk by Mary L. Gray, The Banality of Scale: A Theory on the Limits of Modeling Bias and Fairness Frameworks for Social Justice (and other lessons from the Pandemic) at #NeurIPS2021 'How duolingo uses AI to Asses, Engage and Teach Better' session @NeurIPSConf is . The final #NeurIPS2021 keynote starts soon! Radhika Nagpal will speak about "The Collective Intelligence of Army Ants, and the Robots They Inspire" at 15:00 GMT (10am EST).

#NeurIPS2021 in tweets – highlights from the first two days


Consequences of Massive Scaling in Machine Learning opening panel #NeurIPS2021 agrees LLMs haven't yet shifted paradigm, but might do so when we find emergent intelligence *without* understanding.

NeurIPS 2019 The Numbers


The world's most prestigious machine learning conference wraps up in Vancouver this weekend. Synced takes a look at the numbers associated with NeurIPS 2019. This year marked the 33rd annual NeurIPS conference. Communication Co-chair Michael Littman told attendees: "This year is only the third time NeurIPS has had a formal relationship with the press. Also, there were 3 awards -- Outstanding Paper, Outstanding New Directions Paper, and Test of Time.

Is NeurIPS Getting Too Big?


NeurIPS 2019, the latest incarnation of the Neural Information Processing Systems conference, wrapped up just over a week ago. Multiple great blog posts have already summarized various talks and key trends, so the goal of this piece is more humble: to reflect on the experience of attending the conference, and in particular whether its vast size is harmful to its purpose as a research conference. Thirteen thousand attendees, 1,428 accepted papers, and 57 workshops vast. This is 9 minutes condensed down to 15 seconds, and this is not even close to all the attendees! Is that a Rolling Stones concert?