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Catalan Leader Puigdemont to Speak in Catalan Parliament on Tuesday

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Another regional government official, Raul Romeva, told BBC radio earlier that Catalonia's parliament would defy a Spanish court ban and go ahead on Monday with a debate that could lead to a declaration of independence from Spain.

Detained Catalan Government Members Say They Accept Madrid's Control

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MADRID (Reuters) - Two former members of the Catalan government held in custody over their roles in Catalonia's banned independence drive have asked to be released from custody after accepting Madrid's control of the region, according to appeals published on Monday.

Spain Awaits Next Move by Ousted Catalan Leader From Belgium

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Two opinion polls showed support for independence may have started to wane. A Sigma Dos survey published in El Mundo showed 33.5 percent of Catalans were in favor of independence, while a Metroscopia poll published by El Pais put that number at 29 percent. That compared with 41.1 percent in July, according to an official survey carried out by the Catalan government.

Jailing Catalan leaders would cause 'irreparable' harm

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The dismissed Catalan leaders who are currently in Belgium have not been jailed because their "imprisonment would have caused irreparable damage", a Belgian judge said in a legal judgement obtained by Catalan daily Ara.

Spanish court annuls Catalan independence declaration

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Spain's Constitutional Court has annulled Catalonia's unilateral declaration of independence, which the court described as "a serious attack on the rule of law". The Catalan parliament should note that the right to autonomy "is not and can not be confused with sovereignty," the court said on Wednesday, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais. Catalonia's regional parliament declared independence on October 27. The declaration followed the disputed referendum on October 1 that was ruled illegal by Madrid. According to the Catalan government at the time, 90 percent voted in favour of independence, but turnout was less than 50 percent.