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Oracle unveiled on Monday its initial autonomous database cloud that comes powered by Oracle Database 18c. It uses machine learning to enable automation that eliminates human labor, human error and manual tuning, to enable improved availability, high performance and security at a much lower cost. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a next-generation cloud service built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology using machine learning to deliver enhanced performance, reliability and ease of deployment for data warehouses. As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more strategic business projects. The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labor associated with tuning, patching, updating and maintaining the database and includes self-driving that provides continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning.

New cloud and on-premises options for Oracle Autonomous Database


Oracle is investing in its namesake database, with new hardware and cloud options for deployment of its Oracle Autonomous Database, and the promise of some big new software features. The development came as the Redwood City, Calif. In his opening keynote, CTO and co-founder Larry Ellison remarked on the complexity of running multiple databases for different needs, in contrast to the converged, multi-model approach he said Oracle is now embracing. Much like the modern smartphone integrates multiple capabilities into a single device, the Oracle database can do many different things, Ellison said. "We're a relational database, but we're also an in-memory database," he said.

AWS may finally be breaking up with Oracle


Amazon's cloud computing division AWS has announced that it has decided to utilize its own databases instead of Oracle's and the company has finally turned off its last Oracle database. AWS has managed to move 75 petabytes of internal data stored on almost 7,500 Oracle databases back to its own service. In a blog post, AWS's Jeff Barr explained that the database migration is now complete after several years of work, saying: "Today I would like to tell you about an internal database migration effort of this type that just wrapped up after several years of work. Over the years we realized that we were spending too much time managing and scaling thousands of legacy Oracle databases. Instead of focusing on high-value differentiated work, our database administrators (DBAs) spent a lot of time simply keeping the lights on while transaction rates climbed and the overall amount of stored data mounted. This included time spent dealing with complex & inefficient hardware provisioning, license management, and many other issues that are now best handled by modern, managed database services."

Oracle brings the Autonomous Database to JSON


Long synonymous with relational databases, Oracle wants to tell developers that it's not only for SQL programmers or priced just for enterprises. And so, it's announcing a new JSON-only document database service on the Oracle Cloud on its most accessible platform – the Autonomous Database – to appeal to developers looking at JSON as their default. And it is pricing it very aggressively. The Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is exactly what the name states – it's the document-based edition of the Oracle Database that stores data natively as JSON documents and collections. And while you can query JSON documents using SQL (this is Oracle, remember?), You can run all the core create-read-update-delete (CRUD) functions through Java, JavaScript, Node.js,

5 Key Takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2019


Oracle just concluded Oracle OpenWorld 2019, its annual user conference hosted in San Francisco. Larry Ellison, Chairman and CTO of Oracle Corporation is more bullish about the company's cloud strategy than ever. Larry's keynote focused on the core differentiating factors of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He claimed that only Oracle has the best cloud infrastructure, platform, and SaaS offerings. Ellison emphasized on the enhancements made to Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Database, and some of the new services such as the Digital Assistant Bot and a Machine Learning platform.