Is your cyber security team prepared for the security threats in 2018?


Cyber crime vulnerability is mostly a result of the lack of preparedness of an organization to handle the unlikely event of a data breach or any other cyber threat. A survey conducted by PwC has revealed that only 37% of organizations have a cyber incident response plan in place! Three in ten have no plan, and of these, about half of the cohort feel that they don't need to worry about cyber security at all! However, with the rise in the incidents of cyber security breach, board members of most of the organizations are treading more carefully and are setting unreasonable security goals for their information security managers. This is not an ideal approach as a robust security infrastructure cannot be achieved overnight.

Cyber Security - Part 1: An Introduction to Cyber Security Lanner


We live in an age where, unfortunately, it is essential for us all to be adequately protected from the various dangers we, and our devices and networks, may encounter online. In order to combat these cyber threats, the cyber security industry is working tirelessly to try and outpace those that may wish to do harm to us or our technologies. In this series of articles, we'll be looking at what cyber security is overall, what the threats we face are, and how we could overcome the challenges we face using various different cutting-edge technologies currently in development. Cyber security is a term that encompasses an extremely large area of operations within nearly every industry on the face of the planet. Since the digital revolution began over twenty years ago, the way we both do business and go about our daily lives has transformed immeasurably.

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Here is the cold hard truth about Cyber Security in today's world. It is a fact that most organizations are not prepared for the Cyber Security threats that may disrupt their everyday operations. Organization's have rapidly transformed their infrastructure into a cloud-based model where their data is not only spread over disparate geographic locations, but this sensitive data may be replicated and stored at multiple cloud vendors. In this environment, Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Threat Detection & Response (TDR) are a challenge as the current set of controls are insufficient to manage and mitigate an organization's risk profile. In this environment, Artificial Intelligence can go a long way in helping Cyber Security professionals protect and secure organization data.

Simple Business Risk Identification through Artificial intelligence


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Expert warns cyber threats to worsen with tech advances


Technological advances like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Automatic Cards and others will throw up new challenges for cyber security and all countries must unite to foresee and combat them, a leading Israeli cyber security expert said on Monday. "The Internet was not designed for security, hence it is inherently insecure since everything is hackable. It is more difficult to be a cyber security personnel than a hacker. The hacker has to succeed only once, where the the cyber security personnel has to succeed always to remain safe, within many rules and regulations," Menny Barzilay, the CEO, Cyber Research Centre of Tel Aviv University and CEO of Cytactic, said. He pointed out how "smart people" from different countries are joining hands to commit cyber crimes and hence there is "a need for super-smart people" from around the world to join as cyber security experts.