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Here is the cold hard truth about Cyber Security in today's world. It is a fact that most organizations are not prepared for the Cyber Security threats that may disrupt their everyday operations. Organization's have rapidly transformed their infrastructure into a cloud-based model where their data is not only spread over disparate geographic locations, but this sensitive data may be replicated and stored at multiple cloud vendors. In this environment, Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Threat Detection & Response (TDR) are a challenge as the current set of controls are insufficient to manage and mitigate an organization's risk profile. In this environment, Artificial Intelligence can go a long way in helping Cyber Security professionals protect and secure organization data.

Managing 2016 cyber threats to your business

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

It is not surprising that the recent EEF small manufacturers association study (1) exposing underinvestment in cyber security, finding only a third of companies with a response plan to attacks and just a quarter monitoring and looking for threats. There is so much to potentially lose in a fraction of a second that the explosion of the digital economy and connected products and services are raising every day. Knowledge of the value of risk and having even basic security controls are critical "eyes" that are necessary today. This gets even worse when many companies use subcontractors and many partners and suppliers that they have to work with, share data and may have no visibility of their security safe guards, yet rely on their due diligence.

Why automation and artificial intelligence are essential to cyber defense [Q&A]


With the ever increasing complexity and volume of cyber attacks, companies are increasingly turning to automated solutions and artificial intelligence in the quest for more effective protection. But how effective is an automated approach and will it become the norm in future? We spoke to Eran Barak, CEO of incident response specialist Hexadite to find out. BN: Are we nearing the end of traditional approaches to security? Until very recently, companies have been spending their security time, resources, and dollars on products that gather information that is then handed to a person to act upon.

Ransomware, cyber-extortion and GDPR: Three security headaches ahead for charities


Charities are a prime target for hackers and are at risk of devastating cyber attacks, the UK's intelligence agency has warned.

2017 Will Be The Year Of Cyber Warfare

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It has recently come to light that more than 1 billion accounts were compromised in a hack of Yahoo that occurred in 2013. This new revelation, on top of the ever-deepening story about how Russian cyber operations possibly influenced the U.S. election results, further illustrates that 2016 is ending in a way no one would have predicted. Historical reflections on 2016 will likely be rife with words like "shocking" and "unprecedented" as so many developments this year confounded conventional wisdom, sober assessments and big data-denominated predictions. Yet, human nature compels us to wonder about the future, perhaps with even greater interest since uncertainty looms larger than ever in a world where old rules no longer seem to apply. It is with those caveats in mind that I am pleased to share the "top ten" predictions for the year ahead from A.T. Kearney's Global Business Policy Council.