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2 Chainz kicks off tour in pink 'trap wheelchair' after breaking his leg


They only make 2 Chainz more powerful. Despite advice from his doctor, the rapper launched his tour in Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday night -- sitting atop a custom pink wheelchair. He'd had surgery for a fractured leg just 10 days before. SEE ALSO: 2 Chainz smokes what may be the world's most expensive joint On Instagram, 2 Chainz wrote that he interpreted the injury as a sign from God that he needed to get creative. "So after all the morphine and pains meds wore off," he said, "I called management and said somebody find me a "pink wheelchair " I can't let my fans down besides I'm passionate about this shit!!" Obviously, it is a trap wheelchair.

Firms promote electric wheelchairs as more Japanese turn in their driving permits

The Japan Times

The government and manufacturers are promoting electric wheelchairs as a means of transportation to replace automobiles at a time when elderly people are increasingly returning their driver's licenses. Suzuki Motor Corp. is one of the country's largest makers of electric wheelchairs. Its mainstay ET4D model, priced at ¥368,000, has advanced safety functions and it can even give verbal instructions when it approaches a steep slope, according to the automaker. The ET4D also features a large basket and a range of as much as 31 km after a full charge, according to the company. Startup Whill Inc. sells electric wheelchairs controlled by hand levers.

Woman accused of assaulting 97-year-old in wheelchair

U.S. News

Police say 42-year-old Kirsten Laundry, of Boston, Massachusetts, shoved the elderly woman's face in a "violent manner" while the two were shopping at the store. Laundry also allegedly threatened to withhold food from the woman, who was not hurt.

The wheelchair has been reinvented


The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is a versatile mobility device that offers paraplegics the ability to stand upright. It's also easier to mount, smaller than traditional wheelchairs and offers users the ability to carry out tasks without assistance.

Man who used wheelchair in Rolex theft gets 6-year sentence

U.S. News

Authorities say Johnson entered a Stamford jewelry store in a wheelchair in May 2015 and asked to see a Rolex watch. Once he had the watch, he got out of the wheelchair, used pepper spray on the clerk and the security guard, and knocked the guard to the ground as he fled.