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Get a pair of JBL wireless noise-canceling headphones for only $80


Save $50: The JBL Tune 750BTNC noise-canceling headphones are on sale for $79.95 as of Sept. 10, down from an original price of $129.95. At this point, if you're still wearing wired headphones without noise cancellation, what are you even doing? Sure, some pairs of wireless noise-canceling headphones are awfully pricey. But there are some that are actually pretty affordable. The JBL Tunes are already a decent price at $129.95, and as of Sept. 10, they're even cheaper: They're on sale for $79.95.

Save over 70% on a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones


As of May 28, get a pair for only $71.97, a 72% discount. With the TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 noise-canceling headphones, you can block out distractions -- whether you're working at home with kids, out for a run, or hustling through a busy airport. These headphones feature 40mm speakers that are designed to fit ergonomically and securely over your ears.

Want Noise-Canceling Headphones Without the Bulk? Try These Earbuds WSJD - Technology

NOISE-CANCELING technology has long been confined to over-the-ear headphones--a bulky way to mute jackhammers and sirens while enjoying your playlist or trying to work. But the makers of wireless earbuds have now found a way to squeeze the same muffling tech into a smaller, lighter package. Packed with enough battery power to last a few hours (and easily re-juiced in their charging cases), these earbuds, like their bulbous brothers, use microphones to pick up noise, then push soundwaves of the inverse wavelength into your ears. We tested new models for sound quality, noise-cancelling prowess, voice clarity on calls and ease of use. Sony is on a noise-canceling roll with these scaled-down versions of their popular over-ear headsets.

Sony's killer noise-canceling headphones and earbuds are dirt cheap until midnight


Want to tune out the outside world? Amazon is throwing a one-day blowing sale on Sony's excellent wireless noise canceling headphones, including our absolute favorite noise-canceling headphones period. We saw some these prices earlier in the month as well, but now they're back with friends for another opportunity to snag some superb headphones at a heavily discounted price before the holidays are up. The sale covers three models and the deals end just before midnight on Tuesday evening, Pacific time. They are our pick for the best active noise canceling headphones of 2021.

The Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Noise-Canceling headphones are $74.99 off at Amazon


Buying headphones that don't have noise cancelation is kind of pointless, right? But noise cancelation is pretty hit or miss, and it's also pointless to drop a hundred on a meh pair that doesn't do anything. You could have just spent $30 and been done with it. The Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones are known for their impeccable noise cancelation, but are usually too pricey for a lot of people. Today, they're $74.99 off and can be yours for a way more justifiable $325.