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Udacity Data Science Courses, learn data science from industry experts at Facebook, Cloudera, MongoDB, Georgia Tech, and more. Udemy Data Science-related courses UH Data Mining Hypertextbook and Course, a new model for the data mining course, which includes a significant project on real-world data, and surveying the learning styles of students. Video lectures from conferences, workshops and the scientific lectures in the areas of machine learning, data and text mining, and semantic web.

6 Machine Learning Professional Program Certificates To Pursue In 2021 - Diginews


Having one of these in your resume can make a lot of difference. Data science is one of the most versatile fields ever around; even its name is not very explanatory of what the field actually involves. Perhaps that's one reason people find this field quite challenging and difficult to get into and even more difficult to show professionalism. It is well known within the data science community that to be a "good" data scientist is all about how strong of a portfolio you build, how diverse your projects are, and how well they show your ability to solve any problem creatively and efficiently. Although being a data scientist -- or have a specialty in any of its branches -- doesn't require a university degree, having some certificate that proves your profession in some aspects of the field can transform your portfolio and take your career on step further.

Complete Machine Learning with R Studio - ML for 2020


Complete Machine Learning with R Studio - ML for 2020 - Linear & Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, XGBoost, SVM & other ML models in R programming language - R studio Created by Start-Tech AcademyPreview this Course - GET COUPON CODE You're looking for a complete Machine Learning course that can help you launch a flourishing career in the field of Data Science & Machine Learning, right? You've found the right Machine Learning course! After completing this course you will be able to: · Confidently build predictive Machine Learning models to solve business problems and create business strategy · Answer Machine Learning related interview questions · Participate and perform in online Data Analytics competitions such as Kaggle competitions Check out the table of contents below to see what all Machine Learning models you are going to learn. How this course will help you? A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Machine learning basics course.