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So You Think You Can Be A Data Scientist? – Tanmoy Ray


So, you think you can be a data scientist. But, are you sure you have it what it takes to excel in the data science field? It's a very complicated field, and getting competitive day by day. In this post, we will go through what the industry demands of a modern data scientist in the real world, how to become a data scientist, top platforms and resources to learn the data science skills, and career advice & job search tips from data science experts. The data scientist job is definitely one of the most lucrative and hyped job roles out there. More and more businesses are becoming data-driven, the world is increasingly becoming more connected and looks like every business will need a data science practice. So, the demand for data scientists is huge. Even better, everyone acknowledges the shortfall of talent in the industry. But, becoming a data scientist is extremely complicated and competitive. The career path of a data scientist is not going to be easy.

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI in the Renewable Energy Sector - AI Trends


Analytics, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are used to interpret the past, optimize the present and predict the future. The energy sector heavily depends on optimization and predictions for energy production, energy grid balancing, and consumption habits. Additionally, the energy industry produces massive amounts of data. To turn this data into insights to improve productivity and cut costs, major energy players are turning to AI. Here we will look at the scopes of advanced analytics, machine learning and AI in the renewable energy sector.

In India's Assam, Muslim families evicted weeks before elections

Al Jazeera

Hojai, India - After battling for life for five days at a hospital in Guwahati, the capital of the northeastern Indian state of Assam, Kulsuma Begum succumbed to her injuries on March 11. Her mother-in-law alleged police and paramilitary forces barged into her house to physically remove Kulsuma - who had given birth to a baby boy just two hours ago - during an eviction drive at Sarkebasti village in central Assam's Hojai district, about 150km east of Guwahati. Authorities in the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) forcibly evicted more than 600 Muslim families from their land in Hojai, saying the families, including Kulsuma's, had encroached upon government land. "Seven to eight policemen entered the house and started ransacking it. I could take some stuff out. When I came back I saw Kulsuma was lying on the floor and couldn't move," Ramisa Khatun told Al Jazeera.

LinkedIn's Career Advice is ready to find you a mentor


Finding someone to help you advance your career can be tricky. After a limited trial in August, LinkedIn is rolling out its Career Advice feature to all its members in the US, UK, India and Australia. According to the company, more than 80 percent of professionals on the site have indicated a willingness to be a mentor or have one.

r/MachineLearning - Sourcing data for a job recommendation system [research]


I'm an undergraduate data scientist, about to start work on my dissertation project. I thought I'd create a system that, given someone's career history and education, predicts what job they're likely to get, and at what company. Essentially this is to help focus the efforts of job seekers, and help them get to where they belong. Originally I planned to do this by scraping data from LinkedIn profiles. From the LinkedIn profile, you can obtain information about someone's current job and employer, as well as their career history and education.