The invisible power of fairness. How machine learning shapes democracy Machine Learning

Many machine learning systems make extensive use of large amounts of data regarding human behaviors. Several researchers have found various discriminatory practices related to the use of human-related machine learning systems, for example in the field of criminal justice, credit scoring and advertising. Fair machine learning is therefore emerging as a new field of study to mitigate biases that are inadvertently incorporated into algorithms. Data scientists and computer engineers are making various efforts to provide definitions of fairness. In this paper, we provide an overview of the most widespread definitions of fairness in the field of machine learning, arguing that the ideas highlighting each formalization are closely related to different ideas of justice and to different interpretations of democracy embedded in our culture. This work intends to analyze the definitions of fairness that have been proposed to date to interpret the underlying criteria and to relate them to different ideas of democracy.

Data Science Meetup Köln


Sebastian and Stefano from 5Analytics will give a talk about "Building production ready recommender systems in R". The 5Analytics platform is the motor for artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time-analytics. We help companies integrate ai into their business processes. With our software platform, artificial intelligence and real-time-analytics projects no longer take months to implement, but days. Our platform allows hundreds and thousands of machines to simultaneously and in real-time access artificial intelligence and advanced analytics procedures.

Robotics Q&A with Mauro Fenzi, CEO of Comau


Science and technology are essential tools for innovation. In the next few years, the impact of Digital Transformation will accelerate. Internet of Things (IoT aka M2M, IIOT, IoE – though each has its specific focus) is considered the most important trend in digitization. From connected homes, cars, cities to entire industries such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, public sector and utilities – connected and increasingly intelligent devices are transforming entire ecosystems, and one of the components are robots. Today, in our first Robotics Q&A, Mauro Fenzi, the CEO of Comau, discusses about different types of robots that already have a huge impact on manufacturing and other industries.

Ancient temple for the god Mithras aligns with the sun

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An ancient temple constructed by a mysterious cult in northern England may have been built to align with sunrise on Dec. 25, to'recall the birth' of the light god Mithras.