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Radiology professional suspended for stalking four doctors in Wakayama

The Japan Times

WAKAYAMA – A female radiologic technologist at a medical university in Wakayama Prefecture was suspended from work for three months on Tuesday for persistently stalking four male doctors over a year-long period. Wakayama Medical University took the disciplinary action against the woman, 44, after she ambushed the doctors, who are in their 20s and 40s, on campus, sent emails professing her attraction to them and at times called them while they were on duty over a year from February 2017. The university had warned the woman twice after receiving complaints from the doctors, but it moved to suspend her because she continued stalking the men. The woman was quoted as telling the university that she had no intention to stalk the doctors.

University of Virginia Researching Hemp, Medical Marijuana

U.S. News

Virginia biology professor Michael Timko says the research looks to renew the state as a leading producer of hemp and restore land depleted by tobacco and mining. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Sunday that the first successful harvest of hemp plants was completed.

Doctors: Over a Year to See if Uterus Transplant Successful

U.S. News

In this undated photo provided by Baylor University Medical Center the first baby born as a result of a womb transplant in the United States lies in the neonatal unit at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Bioinformatics


The launch of the Department two years ago has been made possible by a generous initial gift from Dallas philanthropist, Ms. Lyda Hill. The scientific focus of the Department is on creating computational methods for integrative analysis and modeling of complex biomedical processes in high-dimensional and multi-modal data sets. The development of this program is driven under the premise that bioinformatics in its core is a pattern recognition problem whose solution builds on the combination of computational theory and algorithms that are shareable across all biomedical data types and research applications. Accordingly, the Department will be composed of a faculty that tackles fundamental questions in computer science while effectively translating the results into high-impact basic and clinical research. The Department is also home to the Bioinformatics Core Facility and the Bio-High Performance Computing group, which provide robust analytical and computational workflows to end users across campus.

What to Do if You Have the Flu


First up, and most important: It's not too late to get the flu shot. Flu season lasts through April. Of the four strains in the flu shot, one of them is only 10 percent effective; the other three are more than 70 percent effective. That's normal, and the shot is definitely worth getting. If you end up getting the flu anyway, the flu shot alters the course of the disease (in most cases) and makes it less nasty.