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Energy Savings Can Be Fun, But No Need To Turn Off All The Lights

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Steve Reed uses OhmConnect, a service that pays customers to lower their energy use at home during periods of high demand. Steve Reed uses OhmConnect, a service that pays customers to lower their energy use at home during periods of high demand. A new company is doing more than just monitoring electricity use. Steve Reed, of San Diego, says he signed up for free with OhmConnect. He was eager to see how much his family could cut back on electricity at times when there is a high demand for it in the area.

Industrial IoT: Understanding the Basics


Due to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, it is essential to understand the basics of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Its main goal is to provide smart solutions to manufacturing industries. IIoT offers a range of benefits for manufacturers that include innovation, maintenance cost reduction, improved efficiency, and lower unproductive periods. IoT devices can significantly help companies improve their operations. There are numerous applications of this technology, and it is constantly evolving. If your business relies on smart tracking devices, it can improve operations by keeping track of goods in transit. These tools can even track customer satisfaction by monitoring their location, status, and condition. Many global companies have already started using IoT-connected devices.

Machine Learning and AI in Food Industry: Solutions and Potential


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions offer large possibilities to optimize and automate processes, save costs and make less human error possible for many industries. Food and Beverage is not an exception, where it can be beneficially applied in restaurants, bar and cafe businesses as well as in food manufacturing. These two segments have common use cases where AI in the food industry can be applied, as well as different ones, which is linked to different problems that must be solved. Knowing what goods to manufacture in large amounts or what dishes are the best choice to include in your restaurant menu is the key to increase earnings. Often customers' and market demands are changing very fast and so it is even more important to be one step ahead to take measures in time.

Report: Innovative New Controls at PACK EXPO Las Vegas


NOTE: Controls wasn't the only area of interest at PACK EXPO. CONTROLS INNOVATIONS Two PACK EXPO Las Vegas exhibitors a few aisles apart in the Lower South Hall featured analytics platforms that provide better real-time visibility into the manufacturing process. From Oden Technologies comes The Oden Platform (1). It's a comprehensive industrial Internet of Things analytics platform that provides employees at each level of a manufacturing plant with clear visibility into multiple data sets pertaining to the manufacturing process. Oden helps manufacturers monitor their production process and improve operational efficiency in real time by diagnosing problems that otherwise would have been missed. Oden helps users track performance metrics of multiple assets and accurately predict downtime based on historical data. In addition, by utilizing the platform, manufacturers can reduce bottlenecks at each stage of production and can save costs by eliminating quality issues, waste, and downtime.Photo 1 This platform is designed to help manufacturing units attain the best performance out of their manufacturing assets and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to empower prescriptive analytics. This allows employees on the floor to diagnose and mitigate issues as soon as they arise or offer alerts to avoid issues. In a connected manufacturing environment, companies need real-time accurate insights to improve the productivity and efficiency of their production lines. While manufacturers are increasingly willing to adopt manufacturing analytics practices, legacy equipment and limited technical know-how among machine operators are holding them back. In addition, employees on the floor are unable to make the most of the analytics tools at their disposal and are simply not achieving the expected impact on their profitability.

Digital Twins: Cross-Industry Applications - Intellias


The concept of digital twinning has been around for quite some time, yet as its primary enablers, data analytics and IoT, are reaching maturity, digital twin applications are finally beginning to be used beyond manufacturing. As enterprises are increasingly harnessing the power of virtual prototyping, the trend is obvious. The only thing that remains unclear is how exactly digital twinning works in practice. Digital twinning is the use of technologies for mirroring physical systems through digital simulation. In essence, a digital twin is a piece of advanced software that operates on real-time data pulled from physical objects.