How AI Will Make B2B Social Selling More Productive


In episode 30 of Poolside Sales Chat, Bernie Borges discusses how artificial intelligence will affect B2B social selling. This is easier for office supplies and low price B2B products than it is for the more complex B2B sales. Tune in to find out how AI can improve the prospect's and salesperson's experience. Catch Bernie live on Friday's at 3:15pm U.S. Eastern on Periscope:

Featured video: Paint by numbers

MIT News

"When I was new to MIT, I interviewed a lecturer who had also been a student here. He mentioned the nostalgic feeling of walking through the campus and seeing the hand-painted lettering on the doors. The doors, he said, had remained a constant on the landscape while so much else has changed. I hadn't even noticed the signs were hand-painted, or that they were so much part of the MIT culture. As time went by, I became further intrigued when I heard people excitedly mention that they spotted the'painter' in a hallway somewhere!

AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson


This is a preview of an upcoming webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson, featuring Madhukar Kumar, Oracle's VP of Product Strategy and Marketing for CX Cloud. Disruption may be a principle of progress; but the current pace of disruption can be maddening. This is especially true for salespeople desperate to show results today. The answers are always going to be the same. But it's difficult to keep investing in emerging technology because sales leaders need to show results with the investments they've already made.

Generating Recommendation Dialogues from Product Models

AAAI Conferences

For complex and frequently changing product domains, the maintenance of an electronic recommender system is a timeand money-consuming task, as the man-machine interface has to be adapted to the product model any time the latter is changed. Ideally, changes in the model would lead to an automatic adaptation of the recommendation dialogue without much overhead. In this paper we present an approach to generate an elaborate dialogue from a given product model, ensuring efficient reaction to changes of the model. Using statecharts to structure the dialogue, an intuitive, easily visualizable internal representation can be inferred that is able to handle all principal functions required of a recommender system, such as dynamic dialogue management, belief revision and the generation of recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence and the Salesperson of the Future


Artificial Intelligence is coming to sales on a significant scale. Rather than spending hours watching and researching companies, while looking for good opportunities to help out, salespeople can now rely on AI systems to do that grunt work for them. In almost every conversation I've had about AI in sales, that leads to the question of "does AI mean the end of salespeople". AI is great at sophisticated pattern recognition, and crunching through volumes of data. However, AI does not build trust, develop relationships, have conversations, change minds, or share a vision.