Jet Airways flight spins 360-degrees in Goa, 2 planes in near-miss incident in Delhi


It's not shaping up to be a good day for air travel in India. A Jet Airways flight in Goa earlier today skidded and took a 360-degree spin on the runway after aborting takeoff. In a separate incident, two flights came dangerously close at the Delhi IGI airport. Fortunately, major accidents were averted at both airports. Visuals of passengers,who sustained minor injuries,being taken fr treatment aftr Jet Airways flight 9W2374 skidded off runway at Goa airport

Smelly bathroom ruins flight

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A smelly airplane bathroom can easily ruin any passenger's flight, but it takes an especially awful stink to bring down a whole plane. Passengers on a recent SpiceJet flight to Dehli, India, experienced just such a smell on Sunday morning, when their plane was diverted due to the unbearable odor emanating from the lavatory. Just minutes after leaving from Bangalore, passengers started complaining about the strong smell wafting from the front of the aircraft, reports The Times of India. The smell eventually grew so strong that it "became impossible to bear" for both the plane's crew and passengers, forcing the pilots to land in Hyderabad, a little over 500 miles into the 2000-plus mile journey. "SpiceJet B-737 operating [as] SG192 had to be diverted to Hyderabad due to very foul smell from forward lavatory coming into the cockpit," a SpiceJet spokesperson explained in a statement.

SpiceJet flight nearly takes off without 40 passengers, then returns to pick them up


A flight operated by budget airline SpiceJet from Kochi to Mumbai nearly took off without 40 passengers, who were still travelling in a coach from the boarding gate to the aircraft. After the pilots realised what had happened, the plane returned to pick up the stranded passengers. SEE ALSO: The world's most expensive flight costs 38,000 -- one way As a result of the ensuing confusion, the flight was delayed by over 75 minutes. The passengers were travelling on the last bus ferrying between the Kochi airport terminal and the aircraft, when they reportedly saw the plane taxiing towards the runway. The bus halted at another SpiceJet aircraft, which was headed to Chennai.