BlipTrack Program Helping Airports More Accurately Predict Wait Times


What Is the 2017 Travel Forecast? Using a program called BlipTrack, Brussels Airport is the latest international airport to use sensor technology to improve the traveler experience and accurately predict wait times for airline customers. According to, the BlipTrack program helps airports like the one in Brussels measure flow within the facilities, enabling them to provide more accurate wait times on screens throughout the airport and on mobile devices via the company's app. The sensors from the BlipTrack devices can detect Wi-Fi from mobile phones and tablets, and from that information, the app can provide more accurate wait times and movement patterns throughout an airport. The BlipTrack program is also being used in other international airports like New York's John F. Kennedy International, Amsterdam Schiphol, Barcelona El-Prat, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cincinnati, Keflavik and Oslo.

Buenos Aires' $200-million port facelift adds cruise services for visitors

Los Angeles Times

If you've always wanted to learn the tango, set sail for Buenos Aires, where you'll find plenty of opportunities to learn Argentina's famous dance, and also take advantage of the city's recent $200-million port improvement project. The port's Quinquela Martín terminal, in the heart of the city, has expanded and can handle up to 13,000 passengers daily, sailing to destinations such as Puerto Madryn in Patagonia and Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. During the cruise season, which runs from October to April, the Port of Buenos Aires becomes a South American cruise hub, thanks in part to an ongoing renovation project by Terminals Rio de la Plata that has increased capacity and added services. Among the facilities now offered at the port are banking, food services and an official transportation service, Transporte ARBUS, which features routes to the Jorge Newbery Airport, the Ezeiza Airport, Puerto Madero and several tourism destinations within central Buenos Aires. New Buenos Aires tourist assistance centers have been established that offer maps in English and Spanish, and include complimentary Wi-Fi and phone-charging stations.

Thousands of cruise ship passengers dropped off in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma

Los Angeles Times

When Natasha Allen and her husband, Richard, embarked Monday on a five-day Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, the recently married couple expected a relaxing vacation. While they had known that Hurricane Irma was potentially headed their way, the cruise line didn't cancel the trip, so they thought they were in the clear. The couple spent one relaxing day in Nassau before learning Tuesday that their ship would be returning to Miami. They arrived at 2:30 p.m. Thursday to a scene of unfolding chaos. "We had one day when everything was fine and beautiful.

Safe to cruise to Europe?

FOX News

Tuesday night's suicide bombing attack at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, that killed 44 people and injured 240, has many wondering if it's now safe to travel through the region. Though the airport re-opened a mere five hours after the attack, Turkey's already battered travel industry will feel the effect of Tuesday's incident--the seventh suicide bombing in the country since July 2015--well after the airport is repaired. Even before Tuesday's bombing, tourism to Turkey was down 23 percent in the first five months of 2016, according to the Turkish Investment Support and Promotion Agency. That decline is now likely to plummet, experts warn. According to Tourico Holidays, a travel wholesale brokerage company, online searches for all Turkish destinations were down 500 percent this week compared to their weekly average over the previous month.

New Quebec park offers cruise ship passengers a greener, grander welcome

Los Angeles Times

Some people describe the French-Canadian city of Quebec as "France without the attitude." All those attributes contribute to its popularity with cruise passengers, especially during the prime fall color cruise season, when it is a highlight of Canada-New England cruise itineraries. Now the city and port of Quebec are working hard to improve the first impression it offers cruise passengers. Last week, port officials dedicated a $30-million new park, created from an old parking lot, that will greet arriving passengers. The park, called Place des Canotiers (Boaters Park), is in Old Quebec between Rue Dalhousie and the St. Lawrence River.