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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Telecom Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is conquering every sector, providing new dimensions across all industries and accelerating digital transformation. Within telecoms, the rise of 5G has opened the flood gates to a new world of opportunities and possibilities now possible with AI. Digital transformation is a goal for businesses that are looking to leverage data, automation, and digitalization as a means of differentiation and carving a competitive advantage. Governments around the globe have also realized the impact of 5G on digital transformation and have been allocating spectrum for Enterprises willing to leverage 5G to drive AI and Automation. The applications for AI across telecoms are endless.

In Enterprise Software, The End Goal Comes First


CHICAGO, IL – A typical enterprise's journey towards becoming digital involves investing in several different technologies to drive growth and thrive in this complex era. Thus, you might see multiple tools being deployed in an enterprise trying to solve disparate challenges – ranging from provisioning/de-commissioning cloud, managing networks, process automation, and so forth. On average, every enterprise has tens and sometimes 100s of tools to provide a'point' or a'specific' solution. In fact, one of the top company representatives I recently met at a trade show mentioned that their enterprise with more than 3500 tools. They bought into this with the idea that they'd reach one cohesive outcome – which isn't happening because of the massive effort needed for integration to make them all work together Unfortunately, for them and many other companies, this'siloed' approach proves to be quite costly – a recent study suggested that more than 70% of the digital transformation programs are expected to fail.

Achieve Sustainable Success with RPA Driven Digital Transformation - Cygnet


The unbridled enthusiasm for digital transformation has prompted enterprises to storyboard roadmap to embrace the next wave of technology. The pace at which technology is mushrooming around, enterprises are in the dire need of automating labor-intensive business processes. This is where Robotic Process Automation-led digital transformation has acquired the center stage. RPA successfully replicates human actions to handle heaps of repetitive tasks that normally involves multiple human resources fully engrossed in completing them without adding noticeable business value. Needless to mention AI, machine learning and other technologies have emerged on the scene to make this happen, and yet Robotic Process Automation has proved to be impactful as it can smartly mimic human actions and perform mundane technical tasks and thereby evolving workforce to perform other high-value tasks.

SAP study says intelligent technologies key to digital transformation -


SAP SE have published research findings from a study commissioned by SAP and conducted by leading industry analyst Forrester Consulting. The report suggests that intelligent technologies are critical for supporting digital transformation in the enterprise. SAP commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the adoption of intelligent technologies and how they're supporting digital transformation. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey of 747 respondents. The respondents are all digital transformation and intelligent technology decision makers from consumer products, discrete manufacturing, retail, and utilities companies.

NTT Ltd. Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for its Comprehensive Intelligent


NTT Ltd. delivers superior assistance to enterprises in making digital transformation that will improve both efficiency and productivity Based on its recent analysis of the Thai enterprise systems integration market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes NTT Ltd. with the 2020 Thailand Enterprise Systems Integrator of the Year Award. NTT Ltd. has earned a unique position in the market as the only company to offer an end-to-end suite of solutions comprising Intelligent Infrastructure, Intelligent Cybersecurity, Intelligent Business, and Intelligent Workplace. NTT Ltd. collaborates with major service providers and vendors globally to shape and deliver business outcomes through these digital, connected, data-driven, and secure solutions. "NTT Ltd. brings together the unrivaled capabilities of its group of companies spanning technology services to delivery. The depth and breadth of its portfolio, backed by proven expertise, makes it the preferred partner for enterprise and government clients in Thailand that are embarking on digital transformation," said Krishna Baidya, Director, ICT.