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R-U-N to this 'Stranger Things' hotel room


Whether you've yet to start or already finished Stranger Things 2, you've got some time to kill before the story continues. New York's Gregory Hotel has just the thing: A Stranger Things-themed hotel room, just in time for Halloween. SEE ALSO: Your'Stranger Things 2' binge watch will be better if you're decked out with'Stranger Things' swag The hotel package, described as "ex-stream-ly" cozy (this may be a missed opportunity for "eggs-stream-ly" and a partial Eggo pun), starts at $249 per night and includes in-room streaming via Chromecast for Stranger Things and more. The snacks and drinks are all Stranger Things themed – including plenty of Eggos – and there's a cute, complimentary "Friends Don't Lie" mug. But the coolest part is the wall tapestry of Joyce's house lights transmitting Will's message from the Upside Down.

Schedule BelTech2017


Last year at BelTech 2016, we discussed Software Engineering, not coding! This year we would like to extend the discussion and bring in the concept of how you build. Viewed as a Venn diagram, you can have one, two or even all three of these considerations addressed. In BelTech 2017, we'd like to build the Software Engineering track around Building the Right Thing and Building the Thing Right. This requires Customer focus, design skills and empathy.

Smash things and get power-ups in this 8-bit ‘Godzilla’ animation


The 2014 remake of Godzilla had all the elements of a classic Godzilla flick: Godzilla smashing things, other monsters smashing things, and Godzilla smashing the other monsters. Our CineFix series, 8-bit Cinema, toned down the resolution of all that smashing and reimagined the film as a 1980s video game.