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Apple has been low key about it autonomous car tech, dubbed Project Titan, but there is now a short video of the iPhone company's self-driving efforts. Voyage co-founder MacCalister Higgins posted a short video of Project Titan's test Lexus SUV, which he called "The Thing." The video givies the public a glimpse of what Apple is up to. The top of the white vehicle is equipped with a suite sensors and self-driving hardware. Higgins said on Twitter the front and back both have 6 LiDARS and that the "majority of the compute stack is likely located inside the roof unit."

Apple's 'Star Wars' self driving car spotted

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Apple's self driving car has received a major upgrade, it has been claimed. Test vehicles have been spotted sporting a gigantic new roofrack full of sensors. The white assembly and white Lexus SUVs have even been compared to Star Wars villains Stormtroopers. The roofracks contains dozens of sensors, but primarily uses Lidar to'see' their surroundings, and Apple is now using Lexus SUV's, rather than the minivans that have previously been spotted In lidar -- or light detection and ranging -- scanning, one or more lasers sends out short pulses, which bounce back when they hit an obstacle, whether clouds, leaves or rocks. In self-driving cars, the sensors constantly scan the surrounding areas looking for information and acting as the'eyes' of the car.

What Is Project Titan? Apple Increased Self-Driving Cars Presence In California

International Business Times

Apple is moving forward with it autonomous technology ambitions. The company has just enlarged its self-driving test fleet in California to 27 cars, according to Bloomberg.

Apple's next self-driving phase is an employee shuttle


Apple famously planned to build an entire self-driving car, but abandoned that idea to focus on autonomous vehicle technology à la Uber and Waymo. Thanks to a New York Times report, we now know some of what happened and what Apple is doing now. It reportedly plans to test the tech by building a self-driving shuttle (called PAIL, for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop) that will take employees between its current campus and the new "Spaceship" HQ. We already know, thanks to many leaks and rumors, that Apple hired "hundreds" of engineers dedicated to building an entire autonomous car in a plan dubbed "Project Titan." Work started in 2014, and at one point, had an ambitious release date for 2019.