'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska's Baby Gender Reveal Coming 'VERY Soon'

International Business Times

"Teen Mom" fans will finally learn if Chelsea DeBoer (née Houska) is having a little boy or girl! The MTV star informed her Twitter followers over the weekend that she and husband Cole DeBoer are quickly approaching the date for their highly anticipated gender reveal. After hinting to her followers she have may spent the day taking photos Sunday, Chelsea, 25, shared a gender announcement was coming "VERY soon." We've been crazy busy!" Chelsea responded to one fan's complaint that she and Cole have yet to reveal the baby's sex. "We are excited to announce too," she added with a smile.

Feds spend over $400G studying if 'gender norms' make LGBTQ people get drunk

FOX News

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $400,000 studying whether gender norms of masculinity and femininity lead LGBTQ individuals to drink too much. Trying to find the "meanings of intoxication" of sexual and gender minorities is the central question of a study that was awarded in late July. The project will "examine the extent to which gendered norms shape risky drinking practices for sexual and gender minority (SGM) young adults," according to the grant for the study. The grant states that alcohol is an "integral component of bars and clubs."

Feds spend $138G asking 4-year-olds about their 'internal sense of gender identity'

FOX News

The National Science Foundation is spending over $130,000 on a study that asks four-year-olds about their "internal sense of gender identity."

1 In 4 Americans Think We'll Colonize Mars Before We See CEO Gender Parity

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

To determine just how behind the United States is when it comes to workplace gender equality, the foundation teamed up with Global Strategy Group in April to poll 1,011 adults ages 18 and older. According to the survey, 24 percent of Americans work at a company with no women in leadership positions, and only 34 percent feel that their workplace prioritizes having women in these roles. A majority of those surveyed (85 percent) also agreed that men have an easier time getting these positions than women who are equally qualified. With these kind of statistics, it's not hard to believe that Americans are skeptical about the country's ability to achieve large-scale gender parity. According to the survey, 26 percent of Americans believe that in their lifetimes, there's a better chance humans will colonize Mars than that women will become half of Fortune 500 CEOs.