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Vizio P65-C1 display review: Dolby Vision HDR and an Android remote control


If you're looking for entry into the wonderful world of HDR (High Dynamic Range), you're not going to find a cheaper ticket than the Vizio P-Series displays. Prices start at only 1000 for the 60Hz, 50-inch model, and they're definitely worth a look-see: Dolby Vision HDR viewed on the 2000 (available at Best Buy), 65-inch class P65-C1 reviewed here is a vastly superior experience compared to the average LED/LCD TV with standard dynamic range (SDR); i.e., everything else out there. Vizio's P-Series display with its six-inch Android tablet that serves as the remote and the smarts. Also, because Vizio is positioning the P-Series as part of its SmartCast Internet of Things/smart-home entertainment ecosystem (which is based on Google Cast), the company made some--shall we say--interesting design decisions. Vizio's most interesting decision was to make the P-Series entertainment displays, not smart TVs.

Weekend deal: A 60-inch 4K TV for under 800

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This 60-inch Vizio E-series 4K TV is just 798. Vizio has grown from a modest outfit to one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the US for one reason: value. The company is an expert at working the supply chain so that it can offer the biggest TVs at remarkably affordable prices. While pretty much every model in the series is well-priced, you can now get the 60-inch Vizio E60u-D3 ( 798 at Walmart) for less than 800. That's down from its MSRP of 969.99, which was already cheaper than most competing 60-inch 4K TVs.

Best DVR for cord cutters


Your message has been sent. There was an error emailing this page. Here's the hard truth for cord-cutters right now: The ideal over-the-air DVR doesn't exist. And if you're on the fence about even needing one, you should read the June 22 installment of Cord Cutter Confidential. If you want to record broadcast TV channels from an antenna, you must decide which of those weaknesses you'll tolerate.

Vizio P-Series 4K TV Review (2018): Top Quality, Palatable Price


For years, my living room TV has held its place at the top of my home's video food chain. It's an old 60-inch plasma HDTV with a thick black frame that can't help but take over the room's decor. Other TVs come in and out of the house, but the plasma has never lost its spot as the most popular big screen around. My office has become the top draw in the house, and that's thanks to the new 55-inch Vizio P Series. The P Series stands for Performance in Vizio's mind.

Plex DVR now supports live TV and more tuners


Plex DVR is addressing its biggest blind spot as it comes out beta, adding live TV from over-the-air antennas. This will allow cord cutters with the requisite hardware to watch and record free broadcast channels through Plex's apps, both inside and outside of the home. For now, live TV is available on iPhones, iPads, and Android TV devices, such as the Nvidia Shield TV. Users can set up recordings through those apps via Plex's web client. Apple TV, Android mobile device, and web support is roughly a month away, and Plex plans to add more device support over time.