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Weekend deal: A 60-inch 4K TV for under 800

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This 60-inch Vizio E-series 4K TV is just 798. Vizio has grown from a modest outfit to one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the US for one reason: value. The company is an expert at working the supply chain so that it can offer the biggest TVs at remarkably affordable prices. While pretty much every model in the series is well-priced, you can now get the 60-inch Vizio E60u-D3 ( 798 at Walmart) for less than 800. That's down from its MSRP of 969.99, which was already cheaper than most competing 60-inch 4K TVs.

Dish adds dual tuners to AirTV Player through an adapter


Dish's AirTV Player is an intriguing mix of an over-the-air player with streaming services, but that single tuner has made it difficult to recommend if you want to both record and watch live broadcasts. You won't have to make that compromise from now on, though, if you're willing to pay. The company has launched a dual tuner adapter that enables simultaneous recording and viewing, or recording for two channels if there are two must-see shows you're going to miss. You can buy the adapter by itself for $29, or as part of a bundle with the AirTV Player for $119. If you don't need the dual tuner support, you're in for a minor treat as well.

For cord cutters, 2017 will be the year of the antenna


The timing seemed appropriate last Sunday when NBC blocked all online streaming services from showing the Golden Globe Awards (the broadcaster failed to secure those rights from the producer). Unless you had cable, the only way to watch the broadcast was through an antenna. Just a few days earlier, the over-the-air antenna had become the unsung hero of CES, the tech industry's annual mega trade show in Las Vegas. Tech companies large and small are now integrating antenna support into their products in fascinating new ways, having realized that even in the age of streaming video, this free source of broadcast TV should not be ignored. Most of the antenna tech on display at CES fell into one of three categories.

Sky thinks you need to record six shows at once


Before the internet and the rise of streaming, families across the nation would sit down at regular times each week to get their fill of television. It still happens now, but on-demand services have changed the way each family member views their favourite TV shows. Sky knew this, so it designed its next-generation set-top box -- the Sky Q -- to not only handle linear programming, but also deliver it at a time when it suits you. In fact, it stuffed the box with a staggering 12 tuners that at launch delivered live TV, picture-in-picture and streaming, as well as allowing you to record up to five shows at while while watching a sixth. As part of a new update, Sky has announced that Sky Q 2TB boxes will soon be able to record six shows at once, while broadcasting a seventh.

Tablo Engine review: This over-the-air DVR could take on TiVo


While an over-the-air DVR can help you cut the cable-TV cord, the barriers to entry are steep. Networked DVRs like Tablo and HDHomeRun with Plex involve extra hardware at considerable expense, while TV boxes like TiVo Roamio OTA and Channel Master DVR don't have enough app support to replace a proper streaming device. By installing the free app on an Nvidia Shield TV and plugging in a compatible USB tuner, you can watch live broadcast channels through the same box you use for streaming apps like Netflix and Sling TV. Throw in a Tablo guide subscription for $4 per month, and you can set up series-based recordings for your favorite broadcast shows. The Shield TV is already an excellent 4K HDR streaming box--albeit a pricey one at $200--so if you're thinking of buying one or own one already, Tablo Engine is an easy and inexpensive addition.