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North and South Korea to field joint ice hockey team

Al Jazeera

North and South Korea have agreed to form their first-ever joint Olympics team and march together under a "unification flag" at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Games next month.

North Korea accepts Olympics talks offer, says South

BBC News

North Korea has accepted an offer to attend high-level talks next week, South Korean officials have said.

North Korea 'likely' to attend Olympics in South, says official

BBC News

A North Korean Olympic official has said that his country is "likely to participate" in next month's Winter Olympic Games in Seoul, reports say.

North Korea may seek to steal Olympic spotlight with massive military parade one day ahead of games

The Japan Times

In a move seen as a possible bid to steal some of the Olympic limelight and one that could jeopardize easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea has moved forward the date it will mark the 70th anniversary of its regular army's founding to Feb. 8 -- just a day before the Winter Games kick off in the South.

South Koreans burn Kim photo as North band leader visits

The Japan Times

SEOUL – Conservative activists burned a large photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the head of the North's extremely popular girl band passed by them Monday during her visit to Seoul amid a flurry of cooperation between the rivals ahead of next month's Winter Olympics in the South.