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Review of Knowledge-Based Systems

AI Magazine

The two-volume set entitled "Knowledge-Based Systems (Volume 1, Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems, 355 pp., and Volume 2, "Knowledge Acquisition Tools for Expert Systems, 343 pp., Academic Press, San Diego, California, 1988), edited by B. R. Gaines and J. H. Boose, is an excellent collection of papers useful to both commercial practitioners of knowledge-based-systems development and research-oriented scientists at specialized centers or academic institutions.

Developing and Deploying Knowledge on a Global Scale

AI Magazine

To enhance the quality and consistency of its customer- support organization, Reuters embarked on a global knowledge development and reuse project. The system supports 38 Reuter products worldwide. This article presents a case study of Reuter experience in putting a global knowledge organization in place, building knowledge bases at multiple distributed sites, deploying these knowledge bases in multiple sites around the world, and maintaining and enhancing knowledge bases within a global organizational framework. This project is the first to address issues in multicountry knowledge development and maintenance and multicountry knowledge deployment.

Verification of Distributed Knowledge in Semantic Knowledge Wikis

AAAI Conferences

Recently, the development of distributed knowledge systems has become more attractive due to the existence of new social semantic applications such as semantic knowledge wikis. User-friendly tools like wikis allow for a simple acquisition of formal knowledge, but also pose new challenges in knowledge engineering. In this paper, we reconsider classic criteria for verification in the light of a distributed knowledge base and we discuss novel anomalies that possibly occur during the collaborative development of a distributed knowledge base.