5 reasons to buy the iPhone SE over the iPhone 6s

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The worst part of buying a new iPhone is holding your nose and forking over hundreds for a thing Apple will be trying to convince you to replace in 10 months. A 64GB iPhone 6s lists for 749, and if you're inclined to spring for the huge iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus, the bill can quickly climb as high as four figures. Though it's still not exactly cheap for a smartphone, the iPhone SE's pricing model looks pretty good in comparison. Officially, it starts at 399 for the 16GB model, but I want you to completely forget that piece of information and repeat after me: "I will not buy a 16GB iPhone, because, in all likelihood, it will significantly limit the shelf life of my iPhone." Unofficially speaking, the iPhone SE starts at just 499 for the (actually usable) 64GB model.

See Apple's New iPhone SE

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Those in the market for a new phone now have another iPhone to choose from. Apple unveiled its new device, called the iPhone SE, during an event at its campus in Cupertino, Calif. on March 21. The iPhone SE starts at 399, marking the cheapest introductory price for an iPhone yet. Read more: 5 Things Samsung's Galaxy S7 Can Do That the iPhone Can't Apple's new iPhone SE has a smaller, 4-inch screen, like that of the iPhone 5s. But it packs dramatically upgraded internal specs.

90 Second Review Of The Apple iPhone SE

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Forbes' contributor Ewan Spence reviews the new iPhone SE. The design remains the same as the iPhone 5, but the hardware is the equal of the iPhone 6S. Is that enough for the iPhone SE to be a success?

How new iPhone SE stacks up to rivals

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At 399, the new iPhone SE is Apple's lowest priced iPhone ever, with many of the features from bigger iPhones in a smaller, 4-inch body. But how do the price and features stack up to rivals?

Apple iPhone X: Tracking the launch around the world


The iPhone X lands globally Friday and we're meeting the first people to get their hands on the coveted device. From Sydney to Singapore, London, Paris, New York and finally San Francisco and Los Angeles, follow along as we join in the fun. And if you're still wondering whether to buy the iPhone X, our hands-on review may make up your mind.