2018 Constellation SuperNova Award Finalists Announced


We are pleased to announce the finalists for the eighth annual SuperNova Awards. The Constellation SuperNova Awards recognize leaders and teams for their innovative application of disruptive technology in business. Now it's your turn to help the judges decide who will win a SuperNova Award. The winners will be announced at Constellation's Connected Enterprise at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay October 24, 2018. Constellation analysts will reveal the winners during the SuperNova Awards Gala, which will be held on the second night of Connected Enterprise.

Supernova Awards 2017


The Constellation SuperNova Awards are the first and only awards to celebrate the leaders and teams who have overcome the odds to successfully apply emerging and disruptive technologies for their organizations. We at Constellation know advancing the adoption of disruptive technology is not easy. Disruptive technology adoption often faces resistance from supporters of the status quo, myopia, and financial constraint. We believe actors fighting these forces to champion disruptive technology within their organizations help, not only their organizations, but society as a whole to realize the potential of new and emerging technologies. This annual search for innovators includes an all star judging panel, substantial prizes, invite-only admission and speaking opportunities at Constellation's premier innovation summit - Connected Enterprise.

SuperNova Awards accepting applications for disruptive tech leadership


The Constellation SuperNova Awards will recognize nine individuals who demonstrate true leadership in digital business through their application of new and emerging technologies. The era of digital disruption is upon us. If you follow my work, you'll notice I am a broken record about this statistic: since the year 2000, 52 percent of the Fortune 500 has dropped off the list. Replaced, beaten, and bankrupted by the advancing forces of digital disruption. Digital technology has created a new business environment.

Air Hogs' Supernova packs motion controls in a kid-friendly drone


The Air Hogs Supernova is a small quadcopter uncased in a light, spherical plastic cage open enough to allow the propellers to lift the toy, but enclosed enough to keep small fingers away from the spinning blades. It's not entirely foolproof -- at least once when I grabbed the sphere my fingers sunk in a little deep and hit the blades. It hurt for a few minutes, but didn't leave any lasting damage.